Democrats Need Voter Turnout

Democrats are hoping to win the Senate race, but only a large turnout of women and African-American voters can turn the tide, according to analysts. Key states that Democrats have held for years, such as Iowa, where for the last 30 years Democrats have held the seat, predict Republican candidates for the win. In Iowa, Iraqi war veteran Joni Ernst, is shown with a 2% lead, a figure which could easily turn if the democrats can get the bodies to the poll.

Another key state being looked at is the controversial, highest spending race of North Carolina–remember eight year old Carson Park?  At issue between these candidates is equal pay legislation, which Thom Tillis seems to be against, thus giving the Democratic candidate, Kay Hagan a two point lead.  I had no clue about the NC story until my bro Haftel told me.

In order for them to take control of the Senate, however, they need to gain six seats. Who will win is up to the voters, but what happens after that is out of our hands, causing many to not bother to vote at all as we watch the machinations of our elected officials disappoint the populous time and time again by their inability to put forth meaningful legislation in a time when many Americans are still struggling to put food on the table.

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  1. Daphne Rory says:

    These candidates have taken mudslinging to new heights, getting admonished by a grade school girl for their tactics. In the House of Representatives, it is believed that the GOP will keep control. I also would understand that did have all that they want which is very important too and to get these things done properly if they desire it very well.

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