Deadpool Crashes Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Never one to take life too seriously, Ryan Reynolds had a blast when he crashed “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” this week. Instead of simply coming on the show as himself, Reynolds showed up to the show in full Deadpool costume.


With the new Deadpool movie coming out this week, Reynolds is working hard to promote the movie and the incredibly popular character he portrays. Deadpool is known for his snide and snarky sense of humor and when Reynolds turned up to the popular late night show in full costume, it was clear that Reynolds was out and Deadpool was in the house. He entered the stage during Colbert’s monologue and jumped right into his famous comedy style telling the audience not to stand up, after all, it is CBS and everyone knowns how old the audience is. He then went on to invite himself on the show and for an interview. Colbert tried to interrupt him stating that he already had a guest lined up, Jamie Foxx, but Deadpool wasn’t having it. He jumped into jokes about Foxx before trying to take over Colbert’s monologue. He then takes a few shots at Colbert before jumping into jokes about President Trump. His jokes take a few low blows at President Trump, a popular target for all late night hosts.


Reynolds took full advantage of his opportunity on stage and had the audience in stitches. No one was safe from his comedic blows, and it has taken the internet by storm. For a full view of the entire clip featuring Deadpool and Colbert, click here.

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