David Letterman Enjoys His Beard and Trips to CVS

People across American are familiar with David Letterman. For decades, this late night television host visited the living rooms of Americans to bring celebrity guests, silly stunts, and Top 10 lists to adults after the kids went to bed. However, Letterman recently ended his hosting gig. During his tenure on the air, he shared 4,600 Top 10 lists, interviewed 20,000 guests, and sat behind his television desk for 6,000 evenings. Now retired, Letterman sports a beard and is happy to enjoy life at a slower pace.


Many fans of David Letterman are curious about the recent beard. Mr. Letterman claims his beard began simply out of laziness. He says it was nice to stop shaving. However, he admits that the beard eventually evolved into meaning something more. Speculating on this thought, Mr. Letterman said recently, “The beard is a good reminder to me that [hosting] was a different life. I’m hopeful that I will either find something else, or something else will be presented to me.” Meanwhile, Letterman says his family has given up on trying to get him to ditch the beard. Letterman even admits, “My son thinks it’s creepy.”


Beard and all, Letterman is enjoying his retirement. He reports that he is able to take casual trips to CVS and Walgreens. He admits he hasn’t been able to do this since the 1980s. So keep your eyes open for a famous man sporting a beard the next time you pick up some medicine. You just might see David Letterman!


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