Dan Newlin’s Client Receives $950,000 For His Injuries

A Florida injury victim has received a $950,000 million settlement. The victim, despite his severe injuries, had to wait 15 months before the settlement could be reached. Dan Newlin and his firm had to put a legal fight on behalf of the victim to ensure that the insurance company involved does not run away from its responsibility.

Dan Newlin is an established personal injury attorney in Florida. He has been actively involved in representing injury victims who do not have financial capability to pay standard injury lawyers. He believes that the victims should use the little money they have to cater for their financial needs rather than using it on attorneys. Using this philosophy, Dan Newlin only charges his clients a small fee that is only paid if he wins a case for an injury victim. His law firm is called The Law Offices of Dan Newlin.

Newlin’s client, Edward Krutsinger, was injured on Interstate 4 when the car he was driving was rammed by pick-up whose driver had disobeyed a red stop light. At the time of the accident, Krutsinger’s wife, Tisha, was also in the car. According to the police report, the pick-up driver was at fault because he disobeyed traffic rules. Apart from running the red stop light, he was also driving without a seat belt.

The settlement Newlin has helped the victim to receive will cater for his medical bills and pain. The victim is still receiving medical care. Krutsinger received brain injury, several fractures, and facial scaring from the accident. The doctors attending to him believe he will be able to walk again but only with a walking cane.

Newlin filed the lawsuit on March 2014. However, Mainstreet American Group, the company that insured the pick-up, contested liability. It also strongly questioned the seriousness of the victim’s injuries. This led to a 15 month court battle. The policy coverage on the pick-up was $1 million.

Newlin says that the insurance company never admitted fault. The company also never made attempt to pay Krutsinger for his injuries and pain. Newlin, however, did not relent. He continued to pursue the case till a negotiated settlement of $950,000 was reached.

Newlin says that the common practice by insurance companies to run away from their responsibility should stop. He adds that injury victims go through lots of pain, wage loss, and enormous medical bills. The monetary benefits victims receive are meant to lighten these burdens. He also points out that the long time it takes to reach settlements, 15 months in this particular case, also worsen victims’ sufferings.

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