Dan Newlin, the Powerhouse Personal Injury Attorney

Dan Newlin is a prominent personal injury attorney dedicating his time and resources to fighting for accident and injury victims. Dan ensures his victims recover everything they are entitled to for their injuries. Dan has been working for decades with his experienced team of trial attorneys defending and protecting the rights of their clients and their families. Dan Newlin’s law office has recovered over $150 million on the behalf of its victims.
Dan has established a reputation of not having any fear of going to court and fighting to get everything they deserve for their injuries. He considers it an honor for injury victims to contact him. Dan is ever ready to listen to the concerns of his clients about the losses and damages they have suffered due to an accident.

Dan’s career in justice started in the Indiana Fire Department Police Department almost two decades ago when he was 20. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office offered him a position where he served for ten years and got to the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. While working for the police department, Dan worked several police details including auto theft details, narcotics enforcement, and also served as a Detective in Fugitive Division where he arrested hundreds of dangerous fugitives. During his days as a detective, Dan was awarded many awards for going above and beyond the call of duty. The United States Marshalls Office recognized Dan Newlin for his outstanding service to the force.
The Florida State College of Law accepted Dan Newlin to join the institution in 1997. HE graduated in 2000 and is now licensed to practice law in both Chicago and Illinois where he has offices that provide excellent and outstanding legal services.

Dan Newlin and his team of lawyers are focused on auto accidents, construction accidents, personal injury, motorcycle accidents, all injury cases, truck accidents, medical negligence, wrongful death, and in recent years his firm is now representing people that have been wrongfully charged with criminal offenses.

Dan Newlin assures all his clients on the provision of experienced first class legal representation and his firm’s commitment to excellence.

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