Dan Newlin Swings For The Fences With Personal Injury Lawsuits

Dan Newlin is an attorney that’s no afraid of innovative marketing. He knows the only way to attract new clients is to get the word out so they know about the service he offers. He’s in the business of fighting for his clients when no one else will. When something really bad happens and a person becomes a victim of negligence, lawyers like Dan are what’s needed most. If you’re ever injured and need his help, all you have to do is call #Dan to get through to him.

That’s right. Newlin has an agreement with major technology providers that allows anyone sending to the hashtag #Dan to get right through to him. Dan Newlin has won major personal injury lawsuits for clients, including a $100 million judgement. That case took place in Orange County Court in Florida and involved a 15-year-old teenager who was hit by a stray bullet. Juries can award damages based on numerous conditions that Newlin argues for in court. The cost of current and future medical expenses is one of the most severe. Dan Newlin tries to get the highest possible court award so that the victim can live in dignity while dealing with devastating physical problems.

If you ever need a personal injury lawyer, you have to consider their style. Dan Newlin swings for the fences when he asks for damages. He knows how much a life spent needing medical care can cost. Newlin recently won a $950,000 award from an insurance company for a man who was severely injured when the car he was travelling in was struck by a Ford F250 truck. The owner of that truck’s insurance company argued that the man did not deserve the compensation on the $1 million liability insurance because he was not injured severely enough. Newlin picked up for the man and fought hard to get an equitable judgment.

Mainstreet America Group never admitted fault in that case but ended up paying $950,000 to the man, who suffered severe injuries. Without an attorney like Dan Newlin on his side, it’s hard to imagine what would have happened to the man. Anyone who finds themselves in a similar position would be smart to contact #Dan and have him review the facts of the case. He may be able to do something similar like he did in that case. If you’re facing the prospect of dealing with bad injuries and you have no way of paying for the exorbitant medical expenses, you may as well try an alternative. You need someone who will fight for you. The other side is going to have their bases covered, you can rest assured of that. Dan Newlin may just be the solution you need.

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