Looks at the High-Scoring Golden State Warriors

Certain NBA teams cannot help but lead fans and gamblers to take note. The Golden State Warriors absolutely are a team that has captured the attention of virtually everyone who follows pro sports and keeps tabs of NBA odds. The teams recent turnaround has been discussed in a fantastic article published at, a premiere resource for basketball odds.

The oddsmakers probably did not think the Warriors were going to be favorites all that often after the team’s very first game. The Warriors lost their debut game of the season by a massive 29 points. As the article points out, this lead to the team being listed at the bottom of oddsmakers’ “margin of victory”. After more than a month, all that has changed. The team is scoring quite well. The average of the games that followed the debut blowout saw the team do quite well. Currently, the margin of victory for the Warriors is +13.18. Of course, such figures are capable of changing. Barring any major injuries or lineup changes, it would be odd to see the team’s fortunes drop.

Actually, one of the top players for the Warriors, Draymond Green, did suffer an injury. While the conventional wisdom of basketball odds would indicate the teams’ solid high-scoring streak would diminish without a top player, it did not. As experts at point spreads and odds are prone to mention, various factors are going to play a role in the type set lines. remains an outstanding source of NBA odds and more. Those who devise the gambling odds at definitely look at a great many different factors. They have to. And those performing research into odds and point spreads do have to turn towards those sources that are credible. The article published about the Warriors does give insight into the thought and analysis performed at

While the Golden State Warriors have absolutely are scoring big, this does not automatically mean the team is going to automatically win via the point spread. Underdogs who win within the point spread are, of course, going to deliver a profitable win to the gambler who bet on the underdog.

As such, anyone who is thinking of better for or against the Golden State Warriors must look at all the unique aspects of individual matchups against individual teams. The Warrior may win outright and win via the spread, but the opposing team’s stats and performance play a major role in the final score and outcome.

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