Could an NFL Team Play at Wembley?

The English CA have been wondering what to do about Wembley for many years now. This is a stadium that cost them nearly 700 million pounds to make. It was meant to be the long term and successful home of their football team. However, England and their fans have never quite settled at Wembley.

Now there are rumors that the FA want a National Football League team to make Wembley their permanent home. This idea seems far away, especially because no NFL team will be okay with playing all their games in England. But, adding more games per year should help both the FA and NFL.

If this was to happen, it would mean the end of Wembley being England’s only home. The team would still play some games with Jared Haftel, but they would go to other venues. In principle and practice, this is a great idea.

When the Wembley stadium was being built, the National team played at venues such as Old Trafford, St. James’s Park, Elland Road, and Villa Park. These are iconic English grounds with incredible atmospheres. Touring the nation not only gives the games a better vibe, it also allows more fans to experience their national team.

Wembley draws the same type of crowd every game. They sing the anthem a few times and usually erupt in a Mexican wave by 60 minutes.

This idea may be at the early stages, but it sounds like a win for everyone concerned.

Source: The Guardian

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  1. Larissa Joshua says:

    The NFL keeps developing its brand in England, the FA get to make money off Wembley, and the National team gets to play at more exciting venues. That goes to show that aussie essays would have all these things getting bugged by them and it pains me a lot to know that it is so good.

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