Condiments Used as Burn Treatment by McDonald’s Workers

Anyone who works in a kitchen is well aware that burns or cuts will happen. It’s a job hazard that happens to everyone from home cooks to professional chefs. Most injuries will be minor and most will have access to appropriate medical treatment so the injury can be treated immediately.

Even McDonald’s workers have access to medical treatment for burns, but the treatment may be unconventional. Employees who get a minor burn at McDonalds’s are advised to apply a condiment to it. Mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise are good on hamburgers, but were never intended to be used as salve for burned skin.
Restaurants are required to have a first aid kit on premise for those times when a minor injury occurs. But the kit does little good if it’s locked up in a manager’s office and workers don’t have access to it.
Susan McGalla says that most burns occur because management is riding workers to work faster and/or the conditions are unsafe. Top that off with not having first aid cream and bandages available to treat the inevitable burns and being told to apply a condiment to stop the burning and you have the life of a McDonald’s fry cook. The job also pays less than $9 an hour if anyone is interested.

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