Conan O’Brien Might Do a Weekly Show

Conan O’Brien has been making people laugh since he was surprising chosen to replace David Letterman after he left NBC and took his show to CBS. That was way back in 1993. Conan is still around today and funnier than ever. Remaining relevant comedically for 24 years is quite a difficult thing to do. Conan has been able to do it be constantly staying one step ahead of his competition. For example, making a quick trip to Cuba and becoming the first American show to film there in decades. However, much has changed since Conan first hit the airwaves in 1993. He is no longer on NBC. His show resides on TBS where it has been since his very messy departure from “The Tonight Show.” There is also much more competition than there was 24 years ago.


The issue of competition is a big one for the numerous late night hosts that populate the airwaves these days. Since Conan’s debut, many late night shows have come and gone. It is hard for a show to gain an audience when there are so many other shows to compete with. A recent report suggests that Conan is considering a weekly show that would replace his current show that he does four night each week. The idea is that less could be more. Perhaps a smaller supply of Conan on a weekly basis would create a greater demand for the show. John Oliver and Bill Maher have had great success with a weekly format on HBO.


It should be noted that neither Conan or TBS has confirmed the accuracy of the report. There might be nothing to it. However, it would be an interesting decision for Conan to make such a drastic change to his format. It remains to be seen if he will actually do it.

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