Conan O’Brien Heads to Italy to Record His Show

Conan O’Brien has been hosting a late night show since 1993. He has done his show from many locations during that time. He made a famous trip to Cuba after Americans were legally allowed to go there. He has also brought his show to Mexico on a couple of occasions. Haiti was another interesting destination for the red-haired comedian. He refers to this series of shows in foreign countries as “Conan Without Borders.” In the latest installment of the series, Conan travels to Italy and the results are pretty much what you would expect.

The episode of the TBS show “Conan” where he travels to Italy has not aired yet. However, Conan did share a few pics and short videos as he usually does when he goes to foreign countries. He is seen taking an Italian language lesson. He also mingles with some of the local Italian people who have no idea who he is. These are always very funny moments in these specials that fans seem to love. Conan made no advance announcement that he was going to Italy. This is usually how he handles the foreign trips.

Conan will never tell people where he will be filming the segments of his show on the street. This is because he wants to catch people by surprise. He does not want a bunch of his fans to show up. TBS has not released a statement indicating when the “Conan Without Borders” special in Italy will air. However, past specials have aired within two months.

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