Conan O’Brien Experiences VR In Brand New Sketch

Late night host Conan O’Brien recently visited New York’s Chelsea YouTube Space to check out the very latest in virtual reality (VR) products. Of course, O’Brien also took his camera crew with him to film his candid reactions and share them with his audience on TBS’s Conan.


O’Brien first met with Tom Small, the head of the VR departments for all YouTube Spaces. Right from the start of their interview, O’Brien was interested in the possibilities for VR, especially in the field of pornography.


After O’Brien was done joking around with Small, the real fun began. O’Brien was led to a green screen room that helps viewers see exactly what O’Brien was seeing through his VR device. This green screen technique is called “mixed reality.”


O’Brien started off drawing the infinity symbol with his joystick. After he got more skilled with the device, O’Brien actually drew a cartoon version of himself. Once he went into outer space, O’Brien said that this VR technology will “put the marijuana industry out of business.”


When O’Brien was done exploring outer space for a bit, he went into a program called “office worker.” Here, Conan experienced daily life in a virtual cubicle. He immediately picked up a red velvet donut and began eating it in the virtual world. “I taste nothing,” O’Brien complained, “we’ve gotta work on that guys.”


O’Brien later had fun making copies at the Xerox machine. First he made a copy of a stapler, then he made a copy of his own brain.


As this hilarious sketch went on, O’Brien also tried out simulations in a restaurant and in a gym. Throughout all of these simulations, however, O’Brien was disappointed there was no pornography.


This clip currently has well over 250,000 views on YouTube.



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