Comey Testimony Frequent Topic for Late Night Shows

One of the biggest news stories since the 2016 Presidential Election has been the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey. Just a few weeks after he was fired by President Donald Trump, Comey was given the opportunity to testify before a Congressional Grand Jury about recent rumors that members of the White House had been having direct conversations with Russian government officials.


While the testimony could potentially have very serious repercussions for a lot of different people, it also provided a lot of inspiration for jokes on the most popular late-night television programs ( In the few days following the testimony, all of the major late-night shows took a variety of jabs at him and his testimony. Some of the most notable came from Steven Colbert, who has also been in the news for getting into a recent public dispute with Donald Trump.


While the late night hosts keyed in on a lot of different comments made, the main take away had to deal with the fact that Comey did not find Trump to be trustworthy. Several of the hosts made light of the fact that Comey stated that his initial thought was that he needed to write down everything that Trump said during their private meetings. Comey also stated that he was involved in helping these notes become public record, which also led to a few different jokes to be made.


While it has now been five days since the testimony was given, it does not appear that the jokes will be dying down. There have continued to be a number of summaries of the live testimony by the late night hosts, as well as a number of popular sketch comedy shows.


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