Charles Koch Concerned about the Republican Field

Chairman of Koch Industries has raised questions about the current Republican presidential field. He noted they mostly have unrealistic and sabre rattling policies that have nothing to do with the American dream.

Charles Koch raised questions on what grounds does Donald Trump want to bar Muslims from entering America. It is the absolute right of anyone to be an American. It is how the society was created.

Ted Cruz, who is the Texas senator, plans to carpet bomb ISIS.Koch compared it to a scorched earth policy that he termed wrong. Koch seemed concerned that big money was losing its influence, and it is what has always led America.

Koch said the plan to bar Muslims destroys the very Idea of America. It simply doesn’t make sense to destroy what created this country while carpet bombing countries more affected by terrorism than us.

Koch in the interview revealed they plan to spend $900 million this election year. It is money seeking to advance the conservative policies of his preferred candidates.

Since the 1970s, Koch has founded several lobby groups that seek to advance his political narrative. They include lobby groups, power brokers and school think tanks. They have all created a sophisticated political system that influences every state in America.

Koch brothers have been very controversial. They last year received 53 000 attack ads. What many don’t know is the Koch brothers employ more than 60000 Americans and are very active philanthropically.

Koch brothers are sons of Fred Koch. His father was an Oil millionaire who built refineries for the Soviet Union. They were brought up in a Ranch near Wichita and most of the family still lives there. The Koch brothers have donated nearly $ 1 billion to help fight Cancer, poverty and to encourage entrepreneurship.

Charles Koch got married to Liz 42 years ago, and they appear devoted to each other. He has grown his father’s business from having a turnover of $ 21 million in 1961 to today when it has a turnover of $ 100 billion.

Charles Koch says his father shaped him. It taught him how to work hard. Koch attended MIT where he got a Ph.D. His father’s influence is everywhere you look. From a letter, he was given by his dad, to a book dedicated to his father (Good Profit).

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