Celebrities Rihanna and Drake Not Friends!

As many of us may know Drake and Rihanna used to be a couple and were infatuated with one another. They’ve made songs together and have performed on stage with one another and captured our hearts yes. But it looks like since their breakup the road has been kind of Rocky. according to an article on The Huffington Post about the current terms between Rihanna and Drake, Drake had confessed his love for Rihanna on the live MTV VMA Awards show. They then started dating but this Love fast only lasted a couple of months when they Then separated from one another. Rumors say that Drake had a thing with Jennifer Lopez for a bit and Rihanna was into someone else as well. A source from Vogue recently stated that when Rihanna was asked about the relationship she had with Drake, she had stated that they did not have a friendship but weren’t exactly on bad terms either. During the VMAs, Rihanna was giving a speech and Drake went in to give her a kiss but instead was awkwardly dodged by the singer and his head went to be buried in her shoulder. Now, we can’t be certain what the real relationship is like between Drake and Rihanna but the fact that the singer said they weren’t friends sort of implies that they aren’t on good terms, doesn’t it?

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