CBS Late Night Host Still Trying to Establish a New Image

A little more than a year after taking over for David Letterman as the CBS Network’s late-night talk show host, Stephen Colbert seems to be having trouble connecting with his newer and larger audience. Some observers believe that this is related to a change from the character Colbert played on cable television.
“The Colbert Report” was seen primarily as a political satire, which allowed the star to take his combative character to its most exaggerated extremes. “Late Night With Stephen Colbert” is a more conventional talk program, which requires the star to demonstrate a more subdued approach when it comes to conducting interviews and dealing with political issues. In trying to be fair and objective, Colbert seems to have lost some of the bite that made him so effective on cable. An interview with then-candidate Donald Trump was seen by some critics as ackward, allowing the guest to get the upper hand over the host. More about Colbert’s status as late-night host is available at
Colbert seems stranded among his fellow talk show hosts, including Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, when it comes to establishing his identity on the late night circuit. He is still far from being a failure, however, with his outstanding performances including a poignant interview with Vice President Joe Biden. Colbert currently trails Fallon in the late-night ratings war, capturing about a million fewer nightly viewers than his NBC rival. The current late-night ratings for CBS are still higher than they were when Letterman was nearing the end of his long career.

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