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The Pros of Having a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the great online encyclopedia that makes it possible for everyone to communicate with one another and to edit and adjust documents so that it has the most up to date and current information possible. It also means it is possible to have an article written specifically about you or your company. Now, you should never write one just because you feel like you should have one. There is more work involved and you do need to check it form time to time to make sure other people are not editing it and putting in information that is not accurate. However, if it is there to serve a purpose, than there are all sorts of benefits to utilizing the service may end up being perfect for you.

A Word of Warning

Before you do anything online, especially with get onto Wikipedia, you need to keep in mind that it is possible for anyone to edit the content after it is up. It is hard for the moderators at Wikipedia to know whether or not it is accurate or not, so if it does not go over the top it is likely going to remain in your article. So, you may need to check in on your artier from time to time in order to make sure it is still accurate. With that being said though, as long as you know about the potential downside to it, there are all sorts of benefits behind going with creating a Wikipedia article.

The Benefits

For starters, if you run a business it is helpful to have more sources directing customers and potential clients to your page. There are only so many you can do on your own, but Wikipedia is one you can essentially create and then just add content whenever something new comes up. Plus, as customers have been to and visited countless Wikipedia pages in the past, they are going to have some sort of a connection with this page, which is beneficial to you. It can also create another backlink to your website. Having backlinks can boost your SEO, which is exactly what you want as it is going to push your website to improved rankings online. It is also going to help you reach a wider audience as well, all without doing all that much with the Wikipedia website. So, if this is something that sounds interesting to you, you should take advantage of it.