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José Borghi Is A Successful Advertising Master.

Mr. Jose Borghi’s accomplishments are centered within his homeland of Brazil, but they are without equal in what is considered to be a many-sided world of advertising. As a boy still in school, Jose had a difficult time determining what he would end up pursuing for a career, until his sister convinced him to go with her one night and witness a series of promotional advertisements, presented at a local theater house.

There, Jose was exposed to a variety of successful commercial broadcasts, all of which had earned recognition from the Cannes Film Festival. Each creator of the commercials earned a gold lion award, the symbol of the Cannes recognition. Jose found himself awestruck by these awards. In fact, the boy in Jose desired to own one of these beautiful awards for his very own. This ambition fueled within Jose a strong desire to embark upon the interesting vocation of commercial broadcast advertising.

Today, Mr. Jose Borghi is a recognized leader of advertising videos. He is the founder of the endeavor, Mullen Lowe. They are one of Brazil’s top advertising agencies. One of the commercial broadcasts that was created from the genius of Jose’s mind is “Mammals Parmalat.” In this charming commercial, a group of children are dancing and singing Brazilian jingles. What makes this ad so memorable, is that the children were all garbed in the costume of a stuffed animal.

Jose earned his education from the PUC-Campinas, in Brazil. Later, with his friend Erh Ray, he founded the company BorghiErh to produce their own commercials. Their success earned the attention of Lowe, who bought them out and changed the name to Borghi Lowe. After further success in the business, Lowe and the Mullen Group became partners, eventually changing the company to Mullen Lowe.