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Malini Saba: an Internationally Recognized Investor and a Powerful Philanthropist

Malini Saba is a self-established Asian investor and a charitable giver, who makes a tangible impact on the business and investment arena in the United States and abroad. Saba had a humble background, but that did not stop her from working her way to the top of the international business arena. Her journey to success motivates everyone, starting from accomplished investors to young aspiring entrepreneurs. When she started out, Saba was probably aware that the only way she could remain relevant in the corporate world was to invest into different territories across the globe.


Overcoming challenges


Saba’s rise to the top was full of vicissitudes, but she remained committed to the cause. Together with her associates, she had to put up a strong fight against corrupt persons who were doing their level best to push her out of business. Although she lost a significant amount of money, time, and eventually business, Saba was happy for emerging victorious. She moved swiftly to establish another enterprise, and this time, she was prepared to overcome any challenge that came her way.


 Malini Saba is currently enjoying the fruits of her hard work and perseverance. While Saba has accomplished a lot across the different sector, she believes the sky is the limit for her. Her companies are committed to making an impact through philanthropic support to charitable organizations in both local and global communities. She encourages and helps women to penetrate and establish empires in the male-dominated corporate sector.


Malini Saba: the entrepreneurial guru


Malini Saba is a talented entrepreneur, wise investor, and a committed philanthropist hailing from South Asia. She founded Saban, a firm that continues to invest on a global scale in various sectors including gas and oil in China, technology companies in the United States, and Real estate in both India and Australia. Being an active philanthropist committed to making a difference both domestically and internationally, in 2001, Malini launched “Stree: Global Investments in Women, an established charitable organizations that aims at redefining the roles of needy and at-risk women and kids in the society.


Officially instated by Clinton (former President of the U.S.) and Noor (the Queen of Jordan), “Stree” offers an avenue for women to get easy access to legal empowerment, healthcare, and education. It also provides a forum for prominent movements to address issues of public policy in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Malini awarded the Mountain View, CA-based El Camino Hospital a record $1 million to establish a full-equipped Heart Research Center.