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Shaquille O’Neal Gives Back to his Community

Shaquille O’Neal is well known to be involved in his community, especially his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. Although O’Neal left the town in high school to further his basketball career in Texas, this has always been his hometown and he continually maintains a presence here. According to the legendary basketball player will return to his native city to be a co-host for a specially designed 3 on 3 basketball tournament to be played in front of City Hall. The tournament, Believe in Newark, will be co-hosted by current Mayor Ras Baraka and will feature both girls and boys teams from high schools across the city. Registration for entry has already been held, as have the preliminary games, all of which were played at the JFK Recreation Center.

This is not the first time O’Neal has actively been involved in the city; in 2012 he was a big part of opening the Cityplex Movie Theatre, where he partnered with Boraie Development Fund. This project was estimated to cost around $7 and $10 million. Within a year the partnership was at it again, for the first time in 50 years the city began development on its first high rise apartment buildings.

Boraie Development LLC has a long and proven track record in helping Urban Communities in New Jersey, it is an area they have been working in for over 3 decades. The organization aims to invest in urban communities, these investments will add value to the community and its people. A Wide array of properties fall into this strategy, Boraie development takes on projects involving Commercial Property, Residential Property and Retail establishments to name a few.

More recently Boraie Development has been focusing its attention on Newark’s downtown areas, this is where the organization has been partnering most with Shaquille O’Neal. They have been attempting to develop a large portion of the commercial and residential real estate. The company can also count in its survives a successful property management service, which includes leasing, maintenance and accounting. Boaraie Development has been playing a huge role in the regentrifying of Cities all over New Jersey, with O’Neal specifically playing a role with them in the City of Newark. It is fantastic to see people and organizations giving back so much to their communities, it has huge benefits to the people living there.

Joseph Bismark – His Work Ethic On Business

I found a blog post on Please Don’t Ask Alice. It talked about the power behind spirituality and how one person can make a huge difference in the lives of others if they properly understand how to lift them up with a strong work ethic. One person who understands this so well is the very experienced Joseph Bismark. Bismark is a leading businessman working with the IQ Group and even co-founded the huge QNet business known for their direct selling systems and the products that they sell.

Joseph Bismark – His Work Ethic On Business

One of the main things he focuses on is the power behind team work. He knows that simply bringing people together and working with other people on a one on one basis can help form relationships and help people achieve their highest potential. Joseph has also become very focused on guiding people towards their biggest dream on achieving more what and more success in their specific crafts at work. Joseph finds joy on giving his employees the tiny encouraging push to go after their goals within the company.

How Did He Become So Spiritual?

What sets this guy apart from other businessmen and myself is his growth in the Philippines. He flew there at just nine years old, and he became a monk for about eight years until he decided to jump right in to the corporate world. He became this huge giant success almost right away. It became such a huge success for him being in the corporate world, and after awhile, he finally grew with time to work with some of the world’s most amazing companies. 

Joseph believes in the power of encouragement for all of his employees. This is why he has become a huge successful businessman. He enjoys trying to benefit his employees so that they grow and become even better at their work. Whether it’s one on one training, encouragement, or simply helping them daily work together, he knows how to bring people and the entire team together to achieve a better business. I take his words and knowledge of my business everyday.

Selling is Not an Option for FreedomPop

The data based mobile network, FreedomPop has finally announced it will continue to invest in new technology and network areas in a bid to create a company worth three to four times its current valuation. Recode reports FreedomPop’s founder and CEO had originally looked to sell the company, but was inspired by TV show Silicon Valley to remain independent and seek out new areas of funding. CEO Stephen Stokols has always admitted there was a strong chance the startup could be sold, but eventually decided the current offers were lower than anticipated and could be improved upon with some investment.

FreedomPop has grown to become a major force in the technology sector with one million customers taking advantage of free data packages, which limit use and create charges when data limits are exceeded. Around $30 million has been sourced in funding from a European venture capital company, which coincides with FreedomPop’s move into the European mobile networks field. Numerous bids for the startup have been received and rebuffed by Stokols, who stated a major retailer will soon be stocking FreedomPop hardware in store to help grow the brand. Alongside the growth of the company on an international level, Stokols believes a major partnership with a hardware provider will see FreedomPop increase its value from a reported $250 million to closer to $1 billion.

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A Sit-Down And Discussion With The ALF’s Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a high-profile ALF (Animal Liberation Front) representative with an interesting background. He is a well-spoken, mild-mannered Aussie that is passionate about his involvement in one of the most controversial international animal rights organizations. Much of the controversy surrounds the ALF’s tactics used in furthering their cause. To be concise, their tactics are usually threatening and destructive to business property. This YouTube personal profile of Keith Mann does not discuss the ALF’s actions. It is only a testimony by Mann that explains his involvement with the ALF.

The Pursuit Of Moral Behavior

Keith Mann is very vocal and logical when explaining why he is active in the ALF. He is mainly concerned with stopping cruel and violent treatment toward both domestic animals, and those entering the food markets. It is obvious that he believes animals possess a spirit that is far above mainstream considerations for non-human creatures.

In this YouTube video journal as well as his Twitter, he does not try to persuade the viewer into adopting attitudes that reflect his. He only states examples of status-quo market behaviors that lead to the unnecessary suffering of animals. Many of these actions go unseen. In his book From Dusk Til Dawn he states that morally sufficient treatment of animals, he believes, requires the efforts of dedicated individuals like himself, to change certain aspects of industry, economy, and food law. He also believes that is it morally acceptable to use extreme measures, without causing harm to any living thing, in order to bring about change in peoples’ attitudes toward animals.

Childhood Memories To Inspire

Keith Mann is very open about anecdotes during his impressionable years, which caused him to take-up the ALF flag. They are all centered on common animal treatment practices found in his native Australia.

The first example Keith cites, is his discovery of a makeshift meat processing “barn” in his neighborhood. One of his neighbors bred cattle voraciously for veal meat and the extraction of milk from heifers. Large numbers of the herds were mutilated and processed in a filthy barn, and sold to local markets. He noticed no attention was paid to the health of the cattle, only that they were slaughtered in sub-standard conditions for profit.

Another attitude-building event in Keith’s life was the rescue of an orphaned rabbit. He raised the rabbit and grew fond of its unique personality. He concluded that all creatures have an individual spirit which begs for humane treatment. This rabbit became the inspiration and face of one of the ALF’s most recognizable mascots.

This YouTube video eschews the politics and controversies behind the ALF’s worldwide actions. It is simply an explanation by Keith Mann regarding his calling in life.

Top 3 Most Lethal Drugs In The U.S. Are Legal

As America debates legalizing marijuana and drug policy reforms, there’s still one key aspect regarding the war on drugs that continues to confuse the masses: the 3 most deadliest and dangerous drugs are legal in the U.S.

Hard to believe, isn’t it Lee G. Lovett? The most current data available according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reveals that alcohol, tobacco, and prescription opioid-based painkillers were the underlying cause for more deaths than any other type of drug throughout 2011.

1. Alcohol

In 2011, alcohol-based health issues, including liver disease, resulted in over 26,000 deaths. But that number doesn’t include all the deaths caused by alcohol alone; consider all the other alcohol-related deaths like drunk driving or other alcohol-induce deaths, and that number quickly rises to approximately 88,000 a year. Key issues surrounding alcohol-related erratic behavior and aggression often lead to subsequent injuries, crime, and family adversities.

2. Prescription Painkillers

Whether deaths from prescription painkillers reach an ‘epidemic’ level, as some federal, state, and local authorities claim, it’s more a matter of a semantic type of debate concerning certain circles of drug policies. Regardless of the label, the main point is that today’s prescription painkillers are directly connected to literally tens of thousands of deaths every year.

3. Tobacco

Want to talk about deadly? Nothing comes close to deadly tobacco and how many people it’s affected over the years. In fact, fewer people die from drug overdoses, homicides, and traffic accidents combined than tobacco-related health issues like heart disease and lung cancer.

Mark Ahn Explains the Success of Biotech to The Street

The Street spoke to Dr. Mark Ahn recently about his research into biotech startups. Dr. Ahn has his own company that was once a fledgling life sciences company. Now, he looks at the ways other companies handle their business. He knows that there are best practices for all businesses, and he hopes that his information will help new companies move in the right direction.

When Dr. Ahn looked at startups all over the biotech world, he notice that many of them did not want to wait to make a profit. The staff can be paid, but these companies were breaking even when their products had not all made it to the market yet. If these companies believed that they were not making money fast enough, they would panic. The panicked moves that these companies made would cause them to make business decisions that were not wise in the least.

When a company is not willing to wait for all its projects to come through, it is hard for that company to remain solvent. Dr. Ahn advises all these companies to move slowly in the process of creating new products so that they can be viable for many decades to come.

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In World Of Economics, Broda Knows The Way, Shows The Way

The name Christian Broda is well known on the financial planning and economics scene. Broda often shares the knowledge he’s gained during his career through interviews with the press, as well as his own writing.

Broda now serves as a managing director at Duquesne Capital Management. Prior to his work at Duquesne, Broda was a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

In 1997, Broda graduated summa cum laude from the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina with a degree in economics. He went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue his masters and doctorate degree.

After completing his education in 2001, Broda landed a position in the international research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Broda started his work at the University of Chicago as an associate professor in 2005, and continued his work in a tenured teaching position from 2008 until he left the university in 2010 to pursue his current position with Duquesne.

During the years Broda served as a professor he also spent a year as the chief international economist for Lehman Brothers. Broda also led the international research department at Barclays Capital.

Broda, who was chosen as the James S. Kemperer Scholar in 2006, has penned multiples books and articles on topics relating to international trade and finance, including titles such as “Prices, Poverty and Inequality,” a book Broda co-wrote with David E. Weinstein.

Broda’s research and writing has been published in several well-known trade publications like the Quarterly Journal of Economics and the American Economic Review. Additionally, Broda serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Development Economics, co-editor for IMF Economic Review and as a member of the Latin American Association Economia journal. He has been a faculty fellow for the National Bureau of Economic Research, a post Broda has held since 2006.

Broda is routinely sought by the media to offer his professional expertise, including a June 2014 article appearing at in which Broda offered advice about starting a successful hedge fund.

Broda’s work has caught the attention of the National Science Foundation on two occasions, once in 2005 and again in 2008, at which time the NSF awarded Broda grants to continue his research.

Broda also travels to universities and financial institutions around the world to present his research and share his professional experience.

Pictures With Names


I was playing with my Skout app when the news broke. There are new details being released as well as pictures of some of the people who were on board the AirAsia flight that crashed in the Java Sea. Family members are making sure their loved ones are known for who they were. Facebook posts about some of the people on board the flight give a background as to what they did for a living and other family members who are left behind.
The wife of the pilot has spoken out about how wonderful he was and how much he loved flying. There were people on the plane who took the flight because there was not enough room to fly with other family members on another plane. There were people on the plane who were going to get married and those who were expecting children. Some of the pictures have been posted online so that the rest of the world can see just who was on the flight. This is a way to keep the memories alive.

Samuel L. Jackson Is Pissed off at Cops

It is easy to forget that Samuel L. Jackson was a black panther. That is, of course, until you watch him yell in one of his movies or see something about him in the news.

The actor’s newest political calling is the most popular and likely closest to his sentiments, his background in activism being what it is. That is, of course, the ongoing campaign against police violence following several fatal incidents where black men allegedly committing crimes were killed while being subdued by the police with force. Jared Haftel posted a video on Vine of a song commemorating the memory and last words of Eric Garner, entitled ‘We Ain’t Gonna Stop Until People Are Free’, which happens to be by Samuel L. Jackson.

Furthermore he has called upon other celebrities and protestors to recite the song on social media and other information outlets. It seems that Mr. Jackson hopes to use the same sort of viral campaign that so successfully raised awareness about ALS, though with a catchy tune instead of ice water. Whether this will catch on or be effective remains to be seen, but it is surely in keeping with the actor’s history and beliefs. It’s a shame for him that, after so many years, he’s still “processing the same Old S**t!”

Senate to Take Up Omnibus Bill on Saturday, Final Passage May Be Days Away

The Senate concluded discussions on the Omnibus budget bill late Friday night without being able to break the filibuster. This prompted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to announce that the Senate will resume discussion on the funding bill at noon on Saturday. As per Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Appropriations Chairman Barbara Mikulski, the chamber worked on the bill for hours, but passage of the bill eluded them. Despite the political strong arm tactics used to get members of the House to approve the bill in total, the Senate is actually in discussions for how to tweak the bill.

The Warren-wing is eager to strip the financial services rider from the bill. Conservatives such as Utah Senator Mike Lee and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are trying to get a rider inserted into the budget bill to deny the president funding for his amnesty plan. It is unclear if those two riders are the only changes being discussed among senators. For now, Harry Reid has used procedural moves to block any amendments from being added to the bill.

Last Thursday, the president plead with House Democrats to approve the budget bill with the financial reform rider. By Friday, he announced he opposes the rider. By Friday afternoon, he was again saying he will sign the bill if it gains passage in the Senate with no mention of the financial services rider being an obstacle. The trouble is if the Senate changes the budget bill in the slightest, it will have to return to the House for another vote which outcome will be unpredictable. With all the political jockeying going on right now, I’ll be sure to keep up with Bernardo Chua, so that I can accurately report the updates to you.