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Best Friends Jimmy Fallon and Viola Davis

There’s no doubt that Jimmy Fallon has established a reputation for getting celebrities to play some very wacky games with him. And this week was certainly no exception. Digging into the “Best Friend’s Box”, Jimmy and Viola had to answer questions about each other. This game was all about predicting what the other person would say. Obviously, the person who got the most answers correct was the winner.


It started off innocently enough, with a question regarding superheroes. Ever the consummate actress, Viola seemed to take the challenge very seriously. When their first question and response session was entirely off base, they went to the next question. This one was about Christmas movies and, once again, the two entertainers were not on the same page. While Viola chose A Christmas Carol, Jimmy went with It’s a Wonderful Life. At this point, it seemed as if the two would never get in sync.


As the jazzy music played, the suspense ramped up for the last question. However, it was all for naught, as the two once again missed each other’s answers by a mile. Still, it was fun to see the talented actress let loose, as she is usually known for playing very dramatic roles. After this impossible game, the rest of the interview seemed like it was a breeze. Davis, who just won a Golden Globe for her mesmerizing performance in Fences, should celebrate her success and become a late-night fixture as much as she can in the coming weeks.