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I Showed My Mom How To Use Securus

I do not have any friends or family in jail, but there is a person from mom’s old community who is currently in jail, and she is such a caring person that she wanted to check on him. I found Securus in an online article on PR Newswire, and then I sent her to notification for the app the same day I saw it. It was really nice to see a change in the way she felt, and I knew that she would be much more pleased with making a video call than just trying to make phone calls that do not go through. She told me how frustrated she was, but now Securus has fixed that.

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It is really nice to go over to her house and see her talking to her friend on the tablet that I got her, and we also have the app on her phone. My mom is not someone who even likes technology, but she is using this app like it is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She told one of her old neighbors about it, and now a lot more people are checking on this person who is in jail.

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I could not have been more happy to just find Securus on I had no idea that making a call to a prison could be this easy, and I surely did not know that I could help my mom with this app like I did. I was so happy with it that I think I will keep it on my phone just in case. You never know what you will be able to brighten someone’s day, and I think that that is what is happening when people are chatting on Securus. They get to have a new outlook on life before they get out of jail.

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