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Ellie Kemper Once Bombed on Late Night

If you have a habit of binge watching the latest shows on Netflix, you probably have seen episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This charming comedy showcases the comedic talents of Ellie Kemper. Kemper plays Kimmy in the show. After her perky character is rescued from an underground bunker run by a religious fanatic, she decides to move to New York City. She moves in with a gay man, becomes a nanny for a wealthy family, and brings joy wherever she goes.


The success of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt made Kemper into a household word. However, some people might remember her first appearance on late night television. At that time, she starred in a minor role on the hit sitcom The Office. Unfortunately, Kemper does not have fond memories of her appearance on the show. Kemper recently wrote about it in an essay. She wrote, “I forced myself to find a tape of the episode, and watching it was like watching my own funeral.” Except, Kemper noted, a funeral would have been full of people saying kind words. The tape did not inspire such things. She continued to explain how the appearance with Jay Leno amounted to little more than “a series of dry stories told in a poorly chosen dress that revealed more pale thigh than any American should have to see.” Kemper recalled how she promised herself she would do better the next time she appeared on late night television.


True to her word, Kemper was able to do just that. She was eventually invited to appear on David Letterman’s late night television show. She was even invited back more than once. On her final appearance, Kemper decided to give Letterman a retirement present. She custom ordered a toaster that would burn the image of David Letterman’s face into each piece of toast. On the show, she demonstrated how it worked. Letterman and the audience loved it! Now, Kemper can walk onto the set of a late night television show with style and pride. She even has her latest hit show to talk about!