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Jimmy Fallon earns ratings win

Jimmy Fallon finally achieved a much-needed win, as he scored Olympic gold for the first week of February.
Fallon, the host of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” was bolstered by a special live broadcast on Feb. 8 following the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies, The Wrap reported. The show garnered a 1.28 rating among adults age 18-49 and he drew more than 4.6 million viewers on the night, topping weekly ratings winner Stephen Colbert of CBS’ “Late Show.”
The night’s demographic number was Fallon’s largest since Nov. 24, 2016, The Wrap noted. Fallon also set a mark for his largest audience since earlier this year. The first two months of 2018 have been good for the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member.
“The Tonight Show” was ahead in average viewers, with Colbert second and Jimmy Kimmel of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was third. Fallon’s win was the first since June of 2017, The Wrap reported.
“The Tonight Show” also won in average viewers ages 18-49. The show has won that demographic the most since the new ratings war began. Colbert rocketed to the top by grabbing Liberal and older viewers with his nightly jokes surrounding President Donald Trump.
Fallon veered from those jokes for the most part, but lost ground to Colbert and Kimmel. Fallon has since added more jokes and skits about the president. His latest win also was helped by a later viewing audience due to the opening ceremonies and his show has taken a hiatus during Olympics coverage.

‘The Tonight Show’ Continues to Languish, as Jimmy Fallon Steers Clear of Trump Jokes

Most late night talk shows have earned ratings spikes for continuously launching jabs at President Donald Trump. In fact, only one late night talk host as avoided the topic altogether and that may be just why Jimmy Fallon is bombing with his duties as host of The Tonight Show. As ratings continue to drop, it seems Fallon is dropping the ball, as far as giving viewers what they want from their late night entertainment.
Where are The Tonight Show’s Viewers Going?
A glimpse at the recent ratings numbers doesn’t just show that Jimmy Fallon is losing viewers, but also indicates where those audiences are migrating. It seems Stephen Colbert is drawing Fallon’s viewership to his late night talk program, The Late Show, and that may have something to do with Colbert’s own rhetoric. While Jimmy won’t bash the U.S. president on his show, Colbert doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at Mr. Trump.
The strategy must be working, because The Late Show has maintained the number one spot in the ratings game, since Donald Trump won the election. Additionally, Colbert’s ratings continue to rise.
As for The Tonight Show, audience numbers have dropped by 21% since September, suggesting Jimmy’s hands-off policy on President Trump jokes is failing. In promoting the show, NBC continues to boast that The Tonight Show remains to be the first choice for viewers aged 18 to 49, but it may not be long before even that claim can no longer be asserted. If Jimmy Fallon can’t pull ratings back up, even if that means resorting to presidential parodies, it may not be long before The Tonight Show drops to dead last.