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Louis C.K. Likes Naps Better than Sex

Louis C.K., famed comedian and star of FX’s Louie, went for an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to plug his new Netflix special Louis C.K. 2017. He took the stage in familiar fashion, greeting the crowd while house band The Roots played a modified version of Louie Louie.


Fallon starts the interview by making fun of the title for Louis C.K.’s newest special. Having produced a number of comedy specials, he has never named a special after the year it aired. Later in the interview, he made sure to correct the Tonight Show host when he called the special “2017.” The comedian stated that the full title is “Louis C.K. 2017.”


Showing up in a suit was out of character for Louis C.K. Normally he is seen in a simple black shirt. He explains that he has the desire to dress up now. When he was a kid, people used to dress up all the time, he stated, including on airplanes because “…you dress up because you’re going to fly and blow smoke in a baby’s face.”


Next came the crème de la crème of the interview, an exchange that became a top hit on social media. Louis C. K. explained how much he liked naps, “It’s my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.” He continued, “I’ll take a nap at 11:30 and go to bed at midnight.” Jimmy retorted with a question about sleep and the comedian responded with a question of his own, “Do you like ice cream better than eating?” The conversation finally came to its climax. “ I like them better than sex…a nap is always 100% successful, there’s never mixed results. You never take a nap and say that it was a bad idea.”


While this was the highlight of the interview, Louis C.K. finished with a story about his 11-year old daughter. He had taken her on a trip from New York to Boston. Once he hit the Atlantic, he bobbed around mercilessly for three minutes and turned around. They decided to go to Wal-Mart, buy a tent and simply go camping after he felt like he traumatized her.


Louis C.K. usually makes quite a splash with the Internet when it comes to late night television. Besides his controversial statements on shows, the Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, director, actor and producer worked with Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and Dana Carvey to produce a number of late night laughs over the years.