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A New Comedy Show about The Current U.S. President Is Coming Soon To The Comedy Central Channel

A few minutes ago, I came across a recent online article that looks at an upcoming late night television comedy show that focuses on our president, Mr. Donald Trump. The program is called The President Show, and will be aired on the Comedy Central channel beginning in late April.


A comedian and actor named Anthony Atamanuik is set to play the role of the president on this new comedy offering. Anthony Atamanuik is already well-known for performing a top-rate impersonation of our president on a previous comedy debate tour. Mr. Atamanuik is also co-executive producer of the series, along with Peter Grosz and Adam Pally.


When the Comedy Central channel sent out a press release introducing the show, it contained what at first appears to be an official presidential document. A three-sentence message declares that late night television is broken, and that only he, apparently our new leader, can fix it.


When The President Show hits the airwaves, it will no doubt be compared to the incredible President Trump impersonation that Alec Baldwin has been doing on Saturday Night Live.


Besides being hilarious and accurate, the impersonations that Mr. Baldwin has been doing have interjected a healthy dose of vitality to the classic program. For decades now, I have been watching Saturday Night Live, and I think Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of President Trump is the funniest skit I’ve seen on the show in a long time.


The format for The President Show is slated to feature the character of President Trump dealing with current events and presidential duties. Airing on Thursday nights, the show is also supposed to have guest stars, and feature plenty of attractive women.


In the aforementioned article, it says that President Trump regularly stays aware of, and criticizes TV shows such as The Celebrity Apprentice and Saturday Night Live. With an entire comedy program devoted to him, our nation’s leader will likely have much more material to criticize.


Comedy Central to Launch Trump Spoof

In an effort to spur additional interest in its late-night broadcasting, the parent company of Comedy Central, Viacom, has greenlit a project to follow The Daily Show. Called The President Show, it features Anthony Atamanuik in the role of Donald Trump, an impersonation he’s made famous since candidate Trump was merely running for president.


The basic premise for The President Show is that Trump has decided to forego delivering public speeches in the traditional manner of a press conference. Instead, he will broadcast “live” from the Oval Office and talk about the events of the day. Essentially, it’s going to be a take on The Daily Show with the character of Trump in the position of the host, with various segments and interviews. Peter Grosz will perform as Vice President Mike Pence.


Atamanuik’s impression of Donald Trump has been seen on The Howard Stern Show, The View and other programs. He’s also a longtime comedy veteran with work on The Colbert Report and 30 Rock. Atamanuik also had a stint with the Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv group that briefly garnered a Comedy Central show.


Critics are already commenting on the concept of giving a fake Trump a show. During the last Republican administration of George W. Bush, Comedy Central ran a brief pre-911 show called That’s My Bush. The brainchild of Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park fame, the show lasted only eight episodes. While it was a spoof of sitcoms and this new outing is a spoof on news journalism and Trump itself, the concepts may be different but the reality of mocking a sitting president is the same.


Viacom also faces a ratings war in which the network has already suffered casualties. With the retirement of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert leaving The Colbert Report for The Late Show on CBS, many viewers have flocked from the previously successful hour-long news satire block. The network’s attempt at replacing its two most prominent comedians has not been without its bruises. Trevor Noah’s ratings on The Daily Show have dropped and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Colbert’s replacement, was canceled after a major ratings slump.


Whether or not The President Show will be successful depends on many factors. However, many viewers are already complaining about the concept. As one anonymous report stated, “I don’t want to watch jokes about something that already has me angry, now’s the time for good investigative reporting, not comedy.”