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Ted Cruz Challenges Jimmy Kimmel To A Basketball Game

Late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel joked about a selfie Ted Cruz took at a Houston Rockets game. He compared Cruz to grandpa Munster or a blobfish. Kimmel also blamed Cruz for the Houston Rockets losing the game. He also made a joke about Ted Cruz once referring to a basketball hoop as a basketball ring. Other Rocket fans blamed Cruz for the Rockets lose as well creating the hashtag # CruzCurse on twitter.


Ted Cruz is firing back against the late night talk show host by challenging him to a one on one game of basketball. In a tweet sent from Cruz to Kimmel, he challenges the loser to give $5k to a non-political charity of their choice.


Kimmel said that he liked the idea but would only accept if they wore short shorts. Ted countered by saying that nobody wanted to see that and ABC would get fined. Kimmel asked if he could wear a crop top. Ted said he wasn’t interested in what they would be wearing. He was more interested in what game they would play. Would it be to 10, 20, or 50 points? Cruz even suggested that he could get Adam Carolla to provide commentary.


There is no word on rather Kimmel has actually taken him up on the offer yet. It would be a fun game to watch if it aired on ABC, or if it was just a fast game as a segment for his show.