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Innovative Trends in Healthcare and Brief History of Drew Madden

Modern technological innovations have transformed healthcare in India. Many developers in the healthcare sector are redesigning old techniques into better healthcare facilities through the adoption of digital techniques. Some trends have changed significantly in 2018.



The first innovative trend in 2018 is more focus on digital health. Digital technology helps many people live healthy lives and also longer. Examples of digital technology in healthcare are surgical robots and smart hospital technology.



The other major trend in 2018 is the use of predictive analytics in healthcare. Online chemists are increasing daily, and every year many individuals tend to buy medicine online. This, in turn, has made online pharmacies to increase by more than 50 percent. Adoption of predictive analytics and personal engagement empower and inform users. Artificial intelligence technology also falls into this category.



Big Data and Internet of Things is expected to revolutionize healthcare industry in 2018. Internet of Things will assist the industry in various applications such as remedial device integration, distant monitoring, and smart sensors. These applications will keep the patients safe and make physicians have the ability to deliver better services. Go To This Page for related information.



Improvement of outcomes through technology is also a trend that has penetrated to 2018. Overall, predictive analytics helping in improving outcomes and real-time monitoring of sick individuals. Technology will increase the accuracy of services and reduction of operating costs.



Drew Madden is an experienced IT entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. Drew Madden has a passion for creating attractive and distinct company values. In 2010, he joined Nordic Consulting Partners as the president of the company for five years. The company is known for its high level of consulting services. As a president of the company, his primary roles were recruiting staffs, establishing client relations and development of the business. Under Drew Madden leadership, the number of employees increased to 75 from 10. Before joining NCP, he was working with Ingenix. Drew Madden started his early career in Cerner Corporation. This is where he learned leadership and implementation roles. On educational background, he attended Iowa University and graduated with bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering.




If You Want To Understand The Healthcare Industry, Think Like Drew Madden

Understanding even the most straightforward concepts in the healthcare industry can be a big task to take on to be sure. A lot of people struggle with it as they try to figure out what they should think about the developments in the industry. It is hard to figure out as the pieces are always moving and changing. Just as soon as you think you know what is going on, something else changes.


Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Madden has been dealing with these changes for much of his professional life. He has both worked as a healthcare industry IT executive as well as done some entrepreneurial things in his life as of late. Drew Madden always seeks the most innovative ways to bring patients the care that they deserve and require.


Right now, he is focused on how the industry is changing. He sees numerous things in motion as they relate to healthcare IT, and in particular a lot of things that may be changing within this year. 2018 could in fact be a revolutionary year for healthcare as we know it.


One of the biggest things that will be changing is the way in which privacy is handled. Records of a medical nature have always been protected by law to some extent, but not everyone has been so careful in their duty of care as to make sure that they were really handled properly. That is going to change as privacy becomes a much largely factor in what people seek from their medical providers, and as technology makes it easier to keep these records more secure than ever. Read This Article for more information.


A lot of people are going to look to online pharmacies to purchase the legal drugs that they need for their health as well. We already shop for many other things online, so it is a natural extension of that which puts us in a place where we would want to also buy the drugs that we require. In other words, it is pretty obvious that online pharmacies are going to gain in popularity as the new year rolls on. Given all of this, it is just a matter of time before we see these changes come into our lives.


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E-governe Will Help Brazil Become An Economic And Education Powerhouse

Brazil has it all when it comes to beaches, Carnival, caipirinhas, and soccer. But when it comes to political stability, education, economic growth and social services, the country gets a poor grade. Even though Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, it is also one of the poorest and least educated cities on the planet. Sao Paulo city officials are witnessing a social nightmare, and they are doing something about it. Sao Paulo leaders are calling on E-governe to revamp their education system, and there is finally a glimmer of hope in the poorest areas of the city.



E-governe may sound like a strange name for a company, but in today’s technological world the name fits. E-governe is a three company venture. Sisterplan, Consult, and Minauro got together and developed an educational system called the Educacao School Management System. The Educacao School Management System uses a combination of technological advancements that help children learn in a methodical way. In order to show their uniqueness, the three-company E-governe system uses a Rubik Cube as a statement that shows their diversity and innovative talents.



E-governe executives knew they had to start with a big Brazilian city in order to get the attention of other cities as well as show government officials what their Educacao School Management System could do. Sao Paulo officials put the system to work in 138 city schools. The plan is to expand the program to the Sao Paulo Municipal Education Department and the Continuing Education Center.



But education is not the only field that E-governe wants to revolutionize in Brazil. The company wants to manage state and municipal health departments. The E-govern health platform helps states function more efficiently because it saves states money. E-governe system schedules consultations and it improves the quality of the service. The system also controls the distribution of medicines from pharmacies as well as the application of vaccines and specialized test consultations. And the system also helps hospitals with bed control, outpatient services, and financial resource management.




Just like the E-governe education system, the health system ensures security and integrity of information. And the system provides management reports in real time. Those reports are always available online, so there is no redundancy. Access privileges and safety levels are the responsibility of the managers of the system, and that ensures agility and openness in terms of meeting the demands of the clients.




Brazil is facing a lot of challenges. The country always has challenges to overcome. Government systems are outdated. Laws on the books are hurting the recovery from the nasty recession. The recession is the villain causing high inflation, unemployment, and currency fluctuations. Sao Paulo officials believe E-governe is the answer to these issues and more. They say a country is only as good as the systems they use, and E-governe systems are the best in the country. It’s only a matter of time before other Brazilian cities realize that E-governe systems are the systems Brazilians need in their future.



The Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary

Professor Carlos Brebbia is the founder of Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT). Since inception, the company has provided the international scientific community with a platform to exchange information and ideas in the industry. The different types of activities carried out in the educational institution have helped them create productive links with other leading institutions and organizations.

WIT activities

The Wessex Institute of Technology carries out various activities from its locations in New Forest National Park, England. They have made collaborations with other academic institutions in offering graduate programs up to the doctorate level. WIT also engages in research on damage mechanics, environmental modeling, and fluid mechanics, industrial research and information communication technology. Other Segments that the institute engages in includes holding conferences and publishing.

The WIT E-library

Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary gives online access to international conference papers and international journals published at the institution’s press. WIT’s library provides access to over 28, 000 peer-reviewed papers, where 27,000 of them are accessible to anyone. WIT e-library charges $38 to download a document in Adobe PDF format. It is easy to access about any latest research paper from the e-library ranging from engineering sciences, built environment, biomedicine and health, ecology and environment, information and communications technology, as well as science and engineering.