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Most Common Orthopedic Procedures

Although orthopedic surgeons may use nonsurgical approaches in helping out their patients with certain conditions, orthopedic procedures basically involve the muscles and skeletons of the body. Technological advancements in the medical field have simplified orthopedic surgical procedures in several ways. Here are the common orthopedic procedures that require different treatment approaches.


Joint Replacement

When a patient has a previous diagnosis of severe arthritis and seeks increased range motion or pain relief, he or she requires to undergo a total joint replacement. The work of the orthopedic surgeon is to assess all the necessary joints that require replacement and use a naturally shaped metal or plastic surface to achieve realignment that will enable normal joint functioning.


Shoulder Replacement

A shoulder joint is very useful because it’s used most of the times. Even though the procedure may sound painful, when the orthopedic surgeon uses a metal or plastic implant to conduct a total shoulder joint replacement by replacing the damaged cartilage and bone, a patient can feel better over time. The idea is to improve the range of motion at the joint.


Spine Surgery

One of the main problems that may lead to a spine surgery is a severe back pain. When someone has a back pain, he or she cannot be able to perform some very simple but vital day-to-day tasks.


Spinal Fusion is a common back surgery procedure that can enable a patient to regain physical activity and general productivity. During this procedure, the orthopedic surgeon will join spinal bones, called vertebrae, together to restrict stretching of nerves and movement between the spine bones.

A Woman That Goes Above And Beyond

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a world renowned plastic surgeon and a true innovator in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden is native to Texas. She was born and raised in Austin and she later went on to Anderson high school and then to the University at Austin Texas. She ended up graduating from Austin Texas with a bachelor of arts in biology. She later went to the University of Texas medical branch and received her doctorate. While going to medical school she also did an internship at the plastic surgery Associates of Miami in order to gain knowledge about anatomy and facelift surgery.

Later Dr. Walden went on to complete her residency and decided to make the big move from Texas to New York. She was able to continue on with her specialty in anesthetic surgery and she received a fellowship at the Manhattan eyes, ears, and throat Hospital. While working at the hospital she was able to work with specialist in plastic surgery. The specialist were innovators when it came to things like plastic surgery and facelifts. Later Dr. Walden decided to relocate her family to Austin Texas. She was in New York for a total of eight years before she decided to return to Austin. During that eight years she quickly became known around the world as a leader when it came to cosmetic surgery and also in cosmetic surgery education.

Apart from being a world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Walden is a regular volunteer in the Austin Smiles Foundation. This is a foundation that helps those people that have cleft lips to be able to get a surgery to correct their pallet. Dr. Walden gives active support to the Junior League of Austin’s Food in Tummy’s Program and also the Executive Leadership Team of the Go Red For Women’s Campaign.

Dr. Walden has been an innovator in the field of plastic surgery for many years. She has stayed true to her profession, and she has excelled in it. She is a perfect example of what a woman can achieve with determination and a drive for excellence.