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Jennifer Lawrence and Stephen Colbert Loosen Up

When it comes to late night talk shows, the formula can become a bit mundane. Typically a celebrity comes on the show, shares a small anecdote, and promotes their latest endeavor. However, when Jennifer Lawrence made her latest appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, they decided to change up the formula.

Initially there to promote her latest film, Red Sparrow, Colbert kicked off the interview by discussing how Lawrence has recently filled in for another late night host, Jimmy Kimmel. Because of this Lawrence shared the pressures she felt having to come up with questions to ask and that she was actually feeling a bit of pressure right then and there with Stephen.

At this point the typical late night formula broke when Colbert offered Lawrence a drink. He pulled out a hidden bottle of rum he kept behind his desk and the two shared a few glasses of rum together.

The mood during the interview quickly changed from a bit timid to loose and open. The two quickly began joking about past interviews, lawsuits they’ve had to deal with, and even both took their shoes off to become a bit more comfortable. Lawrence even went as far to joke, “Oh man, I should not have had this. I have the premiere for the movie tonight!”

While it wasn’t the typical interview, it was just as entertaining with many saying it was a breath of fresh air and showed that “celebrities are just like us!”

J.J. Abrams and Stephen Colbert Take Audience to Broadway

J.J. Abrams recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and ended up taking the whole studio audience to see his Broadway play.

On The Late Show’s Wednesday episode, Colbert welcomed Abrams to talk about the director’s upcoming blockbuster, Star Wars: Episode IX. Abrams directed the 2015 megahit Star Wars: The Force Awakens and anticipates filming the sci-fi sequel. “It’s super exciting,” said Abrams, “It starts shooting at the end of July … I’m having a great time.”

Abrams didn’t reveal much beyond that. Although Star Wars details were sparse, Abrams did speak highly of The Play That Goes Wrong, which he is co-producing. The super writer-director recalled first seeing the play in London, saying “I had never laughed that hard – ever.” Abrams offered his help to the play’s producers, and the show eventually made its way to New York.

As Colbert wrapped up the conversation, Abrams invited the host to watch the play. “I’d love to see it again,” said Colbert, “Could I bring a friend?” The audience caught on quickly, realizing Colbert and Abrams intended on taking them to Broadway.

The pair walked the crowd to the Lyceum Theater, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and although the audience didn’t hear any Episode IX spoilers, everyone got an unforgettable Broadway experience.

Stephen Colbert Ridicules John Kelly Over Civil War Comments

Stephen Colbert, host of “The Late Show,” has had the Trump Administration firmly in his crosshairs since Donald Trump took office. He recently too Chief of Staff John Kelly to task over Kelly’s interpretation of the causes of the Civil War.

Kelly recently stated that the Civil War was caused by a “lack of an ability to compromise.” The late-night host shot back and stated that the Civil War happened precisely because of compromise. It was the non-slaveholding North that compromised with the South. He also took one more jab asking, “What do you think caused World War II, a zoning issue?”

Colbert also blasted Kelly for saying that we cannot “take what is today accepted as right and wrong” and apply it to events that happened hundreds of years ago. “Nope, sorry,” Colbert said. “A lot of people thought slavery was wrong back then. For example, I’m gonna go out on a limb here, black people.”

The host went on to say that maybe Kelly knew better but was just being “willfully ignorant” because he has to constantly defend “the positions of an idiot,” referring, of course, to President Trump.

Kelly’s statement is just the latest in a long line incredulous comments coming out of the Trump White House. This all started when then Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that Trump’s inauguration crowd was “ the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.”

Oliver Stone Defends Putin On Stephen Colbert’s Show

Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone went on Th eLate Show With Stephen Colbert recently to promote his new documentary and got more than he bargained for.


The four-part documentary -The Putin Interviews- will air on Showtime in one-hour blocks. Stone has spent two years following Russian President Vladimir Putin and has cobbled together a four-hour documentary from over 20 hours of tape.


The problems started right away when Colbert plays a short clip of Stone interviewing Putin. In it, Stone asked Putin if he had interfered with the eUS Presidential election. To which Putin responded that Russia would never interfere with another country’s elections.


Instead of asking any sort of follow up question, Stone merely says, “Thank you, sir. We’ll see you tomorrow.”


Colbert then pressed Stone and asked why he failed to ask a follow-up question. Stone’s only defense was the, “you have to be polite.”


At this point, derisive laughter began to come from the audience. Colbert then told Stone that with the lack of a follow-up question, it was as if he had given Putin a platform to spread his propaganda.


Stone insisted that more hard-hitting questions would come in the fourth hour of the documentary and that the audience would simply have to watch in order to see him question Putin more forcefully.


Olver Stone has long been a defender of the freedom of speech, so it seemed odd to Colbert that he would take it easy on Putin, who has jailed opposition journalists and is alleged to have had opposition politicians murdered.


To that, Stone replied that Putin is merely a “social conservative.” At this point, the audience broke out in more laughter. To which, Stone replied, “I don’t know why you’re laughing.”


“Because it seems like a mild description”, Colbert informed him.


It remains to be seen if Stone does, indeed, ask Putin harder question later on in the interview. But one thing is certain, he has certainly drummed up some interest in his new documentary.


The Recent Changes of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was once in a slight slump in terms of ratings. Stephen Colbert started out his days as a newscaster on the Daily Show. Eventually, Colbert would find he was ready to take the helm and have his own show on Comedy Central, the Colbert Report. This show would go on to become one of the most popular ever on Comedy Central. The long reign of the Colbert Report left fans wondering how long this show would go on.


David Letterman retiring from his spot as host of the Late Show on CBS meant a major opening was available. Quite a long time went by before the new host of the Last Show was chosen. The new host for the Late Show was named and it was Stephen Colbert. It seemed like Colbert would fit right into a more mainstream position on late night television. However, the results proved to be rockier than some would expect.


It looked like the Late Show with Stephen Colbert was in a ratings dive until one fateful night. Donald Trump winning the presidency somehow has had a positive effect on Colbert’s ratings. Many believe that the shift in the general attitude of the Late Show was what started the uptick in ratings. Before Trump became President, the Late Show had a generally humorous tone. However, after Trump became President the show got mad while still keeping their razor sharp humor.


This change in attitude came as the result of a special that had a twist Colbert never saw coming. Regardless of how you feel about the election, many were shocked to see Donald Trump win. No one was more shocked than Colbert who was hosting a special and expecting to see a Hillary Clinton victory. Many have noted that the writing of the Late Show with Colbert has developed a more biting tone to it that is attracting fans in droves.



Stephen Colbert Merges Viral Video and President Trump

“There is sort of a debate on the internet about this thing. Some people find it kind of comforting, others want to know if you can take out a restraining order against a cartoon,” warned Stephen Colbert as he introduced his new sensation taking the web by storm.


The stop-motion animation piece has become one of the top viral videos in recent times. The haunting musical score merges with the imperfect, shiny visage of a naked bald character speaking mechanically. As part of the Late Night Work Club’s Strangers presentation, many people are saying that it is one of the most troubling things imaginable.


Never backing down, Stephen Colbert presented a piece during his monolog stating, “Some people have said its the most disturbing cartoon they’ve ever seen. We here at ‘The Late Show’ took that as a challenge.”


Colbert presented his take substituting the folic-challenged creature with that of his recurring Donald Trump cartoon. The commander-in-chief is seen wearing a red thong with a play on his famous slogan “Make America Beautiful Again” and a tramp-stamp tattoo of “Putin.”


Situated in the same position as the viral video, he proceeds to repeat the original’s dialogue almost verbatim. That is until an animated version of the health care bill pops out from the ground. He talks about how hard it is to be president and blames the Freedom Caucus for holding up his reform. The video finishes with a shot of First Lady Melania Trump looking at her smartphone and stating she will not go to the White House this weekend.


Colbert, never one to shy away from controversy and always timely has hit a home run himself with this video. The parody itself has gone viral and is one of the top-searched spoofs being searched and passed around social media.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, like most late night talk shows, has leveraged the Trump brand for continuing humor and satire since his presidential run and eventual election. This latest romp in sarcastic wit, like its inspiration, has been met with both visceral hatred and plenty of laughs for viewers.


Stephen Colbert Continues to Benefit From Donald Trump

It was expected that Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election would have a net positive impact on late-night and comedic television. Shows like Saturday Night Live have certainly benefited from a ratings boost thanks to Trump. Oddly enough, only certain late-night talk show hosts are seeing a similar benefit. Not surprisingly, it is the more politically leaning hosts that feel the jump.

While NBC’s Jimmy Fallon had been destroying his competition for months and months, if not years, that trend has reversed in 2017. Instead, CBS’s Stephen Colbert is the ratings king in February and into the month of March. Colbert had been having trouble ironing out an audience as he broke onto the network television scene. Once politics overwhelmed everything else, Colbert found his groove.

Audiences were not looking for the silliness and escapism that Fallon delivers. Instead, they wanted raw and real takes on the wild election and presidential dealings. That is what Colbert gives. He topped three million viewers in the overnight numbers from this past week, according to Deadline, which was his fourth straight week winning the ratings battle over Fallon and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel. The latter felt an uptick after his hosting the Oscars, but that pales in comparison to the steady lead Colbert has claimed.

Political coverage and satire is also what later-night’s Seth Meyers has become known for. His ‘Closer Looks’ skits are must-watch as he distances himself from the silliness of his 12:35 AM peer, James Corden. It is interesting to think what type of dominant pairing Colbert and Meyers would form if they were on the same station, rather than forcing viewers to flip to a competitor during the change-over.

Stephen Colbert Set to Host the 2017 Emmy Awards

The 2017 Emmy Awards have found their host: late night comedian Stephen Colbert. The ceremony, which will air on September 17, is an annual celebration of the best in television.


Colbert, who can currently be seen on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, has never hosted the Emmys before. He is no stranger to the ceremony, however. Over the course of his television career, he has been nominated for 27 Emmys and has won nine. Most of these nominations come from his tenure on The Colbert Report, where he played a satirized version of a political pundit.


This will be Colbert’s first time hosting an awards show, but the comedian has experience hosting high-profile events. He presided over the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2006, where he delivered a much talked about comedic monologue.


When Colbert was announced as the 2017 Emmys host, the chairmen of the Television Academy said that they were delighted to work with him. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the previous ceremony, which saw Game of Thrones and Veep take home the top honors. The 2017 nominations have not yet been announced. Nominations for everything from best drama to best variety special are due to be released on July 13.


Late Show with Stephen Colbert has gotten a big rating boost from the recent election. His ratings are up 16 percent since last year. Colbert honed his comedy skills on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and the current political climate has given him plenty of comedy fodder. He even hosted an election night special called Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night: Democracy’s Series Finale. He is expected to bring his particular brand of sharp wit to the Emmy Awards ceremony.



President Trump Ribbed for First Weekend Plans by Stephen Colbert

Newly sworn-in President Donald Trump probably will not lose too much sleep worrying what comedians say about his first few days in office. As it turns out, though, late-night comedians have plenty to say. Stephen Colbert took some time to poke fun at the President last week.

President Donald Trump commented that he would get serious about executive orders after the weekend inauguration celebrations, to avoid mixing the celebration with the signing of the orders. The Huffington Post reports that Colbert joked with the Times of London about the President’s statement. Wondering how celebration and signing can be confused, the comic quipped, “‘I’m sorry, I thought I was giving out an autograph; instead I accidentally gave back the Louisiana Purchase.’”

Stephen Colbert has a long history of mocking Republican politicians and Donald Trump specifically, so this will surely be the first of many Colbert jokes about President Trump. For late-night hosts, a new President represents a new target for humor, and Trump’s outspoken nature will undoubtedly create many opportunities for humor.

President Barack Obama appeared on various late-night shows during his Presidency, and one has to wonder whether President Donald Trump will do the same. A meeting between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump could lead to hilarity. We can only hope that Colbert will manage to land Trump as a guest sometime in the future.


Stephen Colbert Following Trend By Hosting Emmys

Following in the same vein as every recent awards show of note, the CBS-produced 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards announced that Stephen Colbert will be hosting the festivities. When CBS had the Tony Awards, it named late-night talk show host James Corden as the emcee. NBC uses Jimmy Fallon when it has an awards show to produce, like the Golden Globes earlier this month. And ABC leans on its late-night Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel.


The trend is obvious and rather intelligent. Each network wants to have a good show with an able host leading the way. Who better to pop in and out of a conversation to keep the show moving like a talk show host? Each network knows its man (or men, in CBS’ case) is capable of such a job because it sees him night after night.


The bonus of this technique is getting “free” publicity for each channel’s late-night man. Surely CBS will make it known that Colbert, the upcoming Emmys host, happens to have his own show that viewers can check out weeknights on CBS!


One more factor plays to Colbert’s favor in this instance. Colbert is more politically charged in his comedy and nature than any of his main competitors on network television. As Rolling Stone points out, CBS may be hoping to gather a slightly bigger audience with those tuning in to see where Colbert goes with his opportunity. As surprising as it may sound, this will be the first time Colbert has ever hosted the Emmys.