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Stephen Colbert Continues to Benefit From Donald Trump

It was expected that Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election would have a net positive impact on late-night and comedic television. Shows like Saturday Night Live have certainly benefited from a ratings boost thanks to Trump. Oddly enough, only certain late-night talk show hosts are seeing a similar benefit. Not surprisingly, it is the more politically leaning hosts that feel the jump.

While NBC’s Jimmy Fallon had been destroying his competition for months and months, if not years, that trend has reversed in 2017. Instead, CBS’s Stephen Colbert is the ratings king in February and into the month of March. Colbert had been having trouble ironing out an audience as he broke onto the network television scene. Once politics overwhelmed everything else, Colbert found his groove.

Audiences were not looking for the silliness and escapism that Fallon delivers. Instead, they wanted raw and real takes on the wild election and presidential dealings. That is what Colbert gives. He topped three million viewers in the overnight numbers from this past week, according to Deadline, which was his fourth straight week winning the ratings battle over Fallon and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel. The latter felt an uptick after his hosting the Oscars, but that pales in comparison to the steady lead Colbert has claimed.

Political coverage and satire is also what later-night’s Seth Meyers has become known for. His ‘Closer Looks’ skits are must-watch as he distances himself from the silliness of his 12:35 AM peer, James Corden. It is interesting to think what type of dominant pairing Colbert and Meyers would form if they were on the same station, rather than forcing viewers to flip to a competitor during the change-over.

Stephen Colbert Set to Host the 2017 Emmy Awards

The 2017 Emmy Awards have found their host: late night comedian Stephen Colbert. The ceremony, which will air on September 17, is an annual celebration of the best in television.


Colbert, who can currently be seen on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, has never hosted the Emmys before. He is no stranger to the ceremony, however. Over the course of his television career, he has been nominated for 27 Emmys and has won nine. Most of these nominations come from his tenure on The Colbert Report, where he played a satirized version of a political pundit.


This will be Colbert’s first time hosting an awards show, but the comedian has experience hosting high-profile events. He presided over the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2006, where he delivered a much talked about comedic monologue.


When Colbert was announced as the 2017 Emmys host, the chairmen of the Television Academy said that they were delighted to work with him. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the previous ceremony, which saw Game of Thrones and Veep take home the top honors. The 2017 nominations have not yet been announced. Nominations for everything from best drama to best variety special are due to be released on July 13.


Late Show with Stephen Colbert has gotten a big rating boost from the recent election. His ratings are up 16 percent since last year. Colbert honed his comedy skills on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and the current political climate has given him plenty of comedy fodder. He even hosted an election night special called Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night: Democracy’s Series Finale. He is expected to bring his particular brand of sharp wit to the Emmy Awards ceremony.



President Trump Ribbed for First Weekend Plans by Stephen Colbert

Newly sworn-in President Donald Trump probably will not lose too much sleep worrying what comedians say about his first few days in office. As it turns out, though, late-night comedians have plenty to say. Stephen Colbert took some time to poke fun at the President last week.

President Donald Trump commented that he would get serious about executive orders after the weekend inauguration celebrations, to avoid mixing the celebration with the signing of the orders. The Huffington Post reports that Colbert joked with the Times of London about the President’s statement. Wondering how celebration and signing can be confused, the comic quipped, “‘I’m sorry, I thought I was giving out an autograph; instead I accidentally gave back the Louisiana Purchase.’”

Stephen Colbert has a long history of mocking Republican politicians and Donald Trump specifically, so this will surely be the first of many Colbert jokes about President Trump. For late-night hosts, a new President represents a new target for humor, and Trump’s outspoken nature will undoubtedly create many opportunities for humor.

President Barack Obama appeared on various late-night shows during his Presidency, and one has to wonder whether President Donald Trump will do the same. A meeting between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump could lead to hilarity. We can only hope that Colbert will manage to land Trump as a guest sometime in the future.


Stephen Colbert Following Trend By Hosting Emmys

Following in the same vein as every recent awards show of note, the CBS-produced 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards announced that Stephen Colbert will be hosting the festivities. When CBS had the Tony Awards, it named late-night talk show host James Corden as the emcee. NBC uses Jimmy Fallon when it has an awards show to produce, like the Golden Globes earlier this month. And ABC leans on its late-night Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel.


The trend is obvious and rather intelligent. Each network wants to have a good show with an able host leading the way. Who better to pop in and out of a conversation to keep the show moving like a talk show host? Each network knows its man (or men, in CBS’ case) is capable of such a job because it sees him night after night.


The bonus of this technique is getting “free” publicity for each channel’s late-night man. Surely CBS will make it known that Colbert, the upcoming Emmys host, happens to have his own show that viewers can check out weeknights on CBS!


One more factor plays to Colbert’s favor in this instance. Colbert is more politically charged in his comedy and nature than any of his main competitors on network television. As Rolling Stone points out, CBS may be hoping to gather a slightly bigger audience with those tuning in to see where Colbert goes with his opportunity. As surprising as it may sound, this will be the first time Colbert has ever hosted the Emmys.


Stephen Colbert and Andrew Garfield Lock Lips on The Late Show

Comedian turned late night television host Stephen Colbert recently hosted Golden Globe nominee and most recent Spiderman Andrew Garfield on CBS’s The Late Show. The interview began with Garfield, who is British, flattering Colbert’s political reporting. Then Colbert recapped Garfield’s two big roles of the year in Silence and Hacksaw Ridge.


Colbert then brought up a funny moment from the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday, January 8. Garfield and fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, who were seated next to each other, shared a comical kiss when Ryan Gosling took the stage to accept his award for his role in La La Land. Garfield explained that he “wanted Ryan [Reynolds] to know he loved him whether he won or lost,” a nod to the fact that Reynolds, who was nominated for playing the title role in Deadpool, lost out to Gosling in the Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical category. Garfield was not in competition with the two Ryans because he was nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for his role in Hacksaw Ridge.


Colbert then noted that Garfield must not mind kissing other men and joked that he is not bothered by it either. The duo then leaned in for two soft smooches to laughter and cheers from the audience. The two men were clearly trying not to burst out laughing. After some giggles they settled down and finished their interview about Garfield’s most recent film roles and who inspired him as a child.