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College Basketball Betting: Increasing the Odds

When it comes to college basketball, many people enjoy the sport for more than the joy of competition. They love to watch so they can hedge their bets and hope to make it rich. As college basketball betting becomes more and more popular, people turn to all the help they can get to make their bets more reliable and to help them yield a larger return. For this reason, has grown in popularity among many eager betters. When betting on March Madness odds and placing bets any time of year, this is a website that can be used to assist in making more successful bets that lead to better profits.

It’s all about knowing the details of each team, individual players, and common moves winning coaches of successful teams use to help them beat out their opponents. Once a person who loves watching college ball knows the tricks to safer betting, they can increase their odds of winning and be able to step out of their comfort zone when making bets. This is something that teaches all betters, whether they are new to the field or have been putting their money on the sporting line for years. The website provides details of players, past winners, and other odd-increasing factoids to help betting individuals improve their game.

While it is always important for betters to use their funds wisely, there is always room to be daring with the odds as well. With growing success stories in betting news about people hitting it big with a single play, more people want to get their hands on the green and enjoy new riches and the pure thrill of the betting world. This can only be accomplished with a new knowledge of how to bet responsibly while being able to put oneself out there at the same time. In short, betting is all about placing common sense and a daring taste for adventure side by side for perfect plays.

As college ball is beginning yet a new and exciting season, people are looking for new ways to enjoy the sport that is both fun and rewarding. College basketball betting is where it’s at, and a pastime that will likely continue to grow in popularity for many years to come.

Jermaine in Portland


Jermaine O’Neal came into the National Basketball Association in a massive way, as he was the youngest player at the time to enter professional basketball in the United States. He played his first game just a month after his eighteenth birthday, and has played eighteen seasons in the league since then. He is currently a free agent and not playing in the league, although he is only thirty-six years old and looks to have some juice left in the tank. There was speculation last month that the Portland Trail Blazers were interested in acquiring Jermaine, but that has failed to happen. After the major injury that has happened to Portland’s star player LaMarcus Aldridge, it looks as if the Trail Blazers are going to dig deep and try to get O’Neal on the roster. Slow Ventures stated the injury that Aldridge suffered does not seem to be that big of a deal when you consider the fact that it is just his thumb, but he has torn a ligament that caused both Mike Miller and Shaq to have tremendous amounts of trouble after sustaining the same injury in their careers and coming back too soon. It is an injury that will typically keep you out for about two months, but both Shaq and Miller came back in six weeks, only to be tortured by the injury for the rest of the season. Jermaine looks to be the only person that might be able to save Portland this season.

Dominick Cruz Injured

Dominick Cruz is angry at his recent ACL tear. The former UFC bantamweight champion swears that he will be back in 2015 and fans like Bernardo Chua are hoping this true. Dominick Cruz has been plagued by injuries for the last 3 years. It’s a sad thing as the former champ is in his prime. Dominick Cruz may be missing out on the best years of his career. He has not lost in 5 years, and he looked better than ever in his most recent fight.

Dominick Cruz is only 29 years old, but if he continues to get injured, his UFC life expectancy is sure to fade. Cruz’s injuries are so bad that he was stripped of his UFC bantamweight championship. Now, the current UFC bantamweight champion is T.J. Dillashaw. A title bout was set for Dominick Cruz and Dillashaw. With his most recent ACL tear, Cruz has lost his title shot.

Dominick Cruz is in a very vulnerable position. The once top fighter is once again on the sidelines. The UFC president has stated that Cruz should think about retirement. It would be a shame if a career such as Dominick Cruz’s were to end because of injuries. The fans of MMA need a healthy Dominick Cruz.

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