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Dominick Cruz Injured

Dominick Cruz is angry at his recent ACL tear. The former UFC bantamweight champion swears that he will be back in 2015 and fans like Bernardo Chua are hoping this true. Dominick Cruz has been plagued by injuries for the last 3 years. It’s a sad thing as the former champ is in his prime. Dominick Cruz may be missing out on the best years of his career. He has not lost in 5 years, and he looked better than ever in his most recent fight.

Dominick Cruz is only 29 years old, but if he continues to get injured, his UFC life expectancy is sure to fade. Cruz’s injuries are so bad that he was stripped of his UFC bantamweight championship. Now, the current UFC bantamweight champion is T.J. Dillashaw. A title bout was set for Dominick Cruz and Dillashaw. With his most recent ACL tear, Cruz has lost his title shot.

Dominick Cruz is in a very vulnerable position. The once top fighter is once again on the sidelines. The UFC president has stated that Cruz should think about retirement. It would be a shame if a career such as Dominick Cruz’s were to end because of injuries. The fans of MMA need a healthy Dominick Cruz.

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Could Pablo Sandoval be Joining the Boston Red Sox?

Free agent third basemen, Pablo Sandoval, is meeting with Boston Red Sox officials in Boston with the plans of possibly getting a deal done. Sandoval, who has won three World Series’ with the San Francisco Giants, is coming off a playoff performance where he batted .366 with 5 RBIs. At 28 years old, Sandoval is entering the prime of his career. Many general managers in baseball feel that the Boston Red Sox are going to do whatever it takes to lure Sandoval to Boston. It should be noted that Sandoval has not made a decision on if he wants to leave the Giants.

This is a move that Boston needs to go all-in with to try to get a star player like Sandoval to lead them back into the playoffs. Boston had a terrible season last year, coming off a World Series title. Sandoval has always been a fan favorite in San Francisco and seems to get along with anyone he plays with. His big stature and friendliness gives him the nickname, “Panda Bear”.

However, should Sandoval leave the team that he has already won three championships with? Is it a good business decision? Both the Giants and the Red Sox are set to offer him a great contract, so all it comes down to is who does he want to play for, which the team at Qnet will be sure to continue analyzing. Look for Sandoval to be a Giant or a Red Sox next year, but no where else.