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The Bean on Its Way Out

Coffee and coffee-like drinks are among the most consumed beverages in the world. Most coffee derives from the much sought after Arabica coffee bean. The Arabica coffee bean is responsible for 70 percent of the world’s coffee production estimates analyst Ivan Ong. While the Robusta bean offers consumers a variety of different flavors, the smooth taste of the Arabica bean is unmatched. Unfortunately, the steady use of this bean is setting in motion its mass extinction. Researchers project that by the year 2080, the Arabica bean species will have been completely lost. The main reason behind the coffees decline is the consumer’s strenuous demand and environmental changes. The plant is incredibly vulnerable in its raw and natural state. Aspects such as rainfall, temperature, and other unforeseen environmental changes can affect the growth rate of the bean plant. Ethiopia, where the plant is grown, will also be affected by the bean’s decline. An 85 percent decline in the beam could devastate the country financially. Researchers behind the study went on foot in Ethiopia to personally track the beans decline. The team is currently working with environmental analysts and Ethiopian government to find a way to nurture the Arabica bean back to health. While the team does its very best to fight for the bean on the ground, they are fighting even harder to go against the environmental drawbacks that are killing the bean. If coffee lovers want to keep their caffeine flowing it’s best to start provisions now.