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Late Night Television Becomes Hot Topics Of Social Network

Social media has become an outlet for grown adult men and women to rant and rave, and try to bring down each other. They are using social networks as a means of getting points across without having to face their adversary. In actuality, these adults are acting in such a way that their parents would be ashamed. Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel is being plummeted with insults, and unwelcome comments from a fellow television personality, Sean Hannity. The social networks are all abuzz with Hannity protesting about jokes that the comedian made during his late night show. Negative comments are being bounced back and forth by the two stars. Your text to link… Kimmel sticks to the claim that it is all in the name of comedy.

Such behavior would be expected more of a teenager on the rampage against something that did not go their way. This is more like a social tantrum where everyone on the network can be a witness to grown misbehavior. Releasing dissatisfaction about certain things on social medias seems to be common place for most people, but where does it end? Will these two keep going with trying to tear down the other. Maybe they think that they will be heard better, and receive more sympathy through social media. This outlet does invite commentary from anyone wishing to give their input. The subject of the jokes is something that is not exclusive to Jimmy Kimmel. Every comedian in the nation is doing it.