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Roberto Santiago Positive News Article

Roberto Santiago Builds an Entertainment Hub at Paraiba- The Manaira Shopping Mall

Paraiba is one of the best states to live in Brazil. And, one of the things that make it that is the presence of the Manaira Shopping Mall. This Mall is owned by one successful businessman known as Roberto Santiago. He is oen of the biggest names in the business circle as he owns two of some of the largest mall in the country. The Manaira Shopping Mall was his first real estate development project. He started developing the mall when he was only 30 years.


When Roberto Santiago purchased a piece of land, in Joao Pessoa, in the year 1987 and starting developing it, he had no idea that it would come to be one of the best malls in the country. At the time, he had saved money from his cartonage business and decided to venture in real estate. His extensive knowledge about the country was instrumental in his decision. He knew that malls were the future of Brazil’s business and he went for it.


Back then, Roberto Santiago had gathered enough experience initially working at Café Santa Rosa as a waiter. Then, he left his job to start a cartonage business. It was here that he learnt how to manage a business and also save money. Also, his business administration degree, obtained from the University Center of Joao Pessoa, came in handy.


About The Manaira Shopping Mall

The Manaira Shopping Mall is famous for a lot of thing. One of the main attractions is the Domus Mall. This is the largest entertainment center in the area. It has a capacity of 10,000 people and is located on the roof top of the mall. The mall can be hired for all sorts of events including weddings and graduation parties. Also, it is used for exhibitions and cultural shows.


Another hub of entertainment is the gaming room. There is enough space, accommodating more than 200 gaming machines. Therefore, you don’t have to wait in line just to have some fun. And, if you love bowling, you are always welcome to the bowling alley.


For a romantic date, you can always come to the cinema. You can choose either of the three VIP cinema rooms. However, there are 8 more regular cinema rooms for you to choose from. The thing you are bound to love about the cinemas is the seating arrangement. With a stadium arrangement, you get the perfect view, regardless of your sitting position. Also, you get to enjoy a 3D cinema experience. And, what would be a better date than taking your loved one for a 3D movie in a cinema with a snack bar?