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Selfie Stick Creators Says He Agrees With Selfie Stick Ban

The selfie stick is one of the funniest inventions ever made, and so many people use them these days. Those who do not know what a selfie stick is, just think of a stick that can be put to a certain length, and it can take your picture from far away, without you having to give someone else your phone. Festivals Ban The Selfie Stick. Probably one of the reasons why this stick was invented was because many would have other people take pictures with their phone, and some ended up having their phone stolen.

Those who wanted to take private pictures at home, they could do so, but maybe they didn’t get a very good picture. A selfie stick helps to take a better picture, but the fact is, there are some places that ban the object reports Steve Murray. The creator of the selfie stick was created by Wayne Fromm, and he actually agrees with the festivals that ban sticks from being on the property. The problem with the selfie stick is that it extends into the air, and anyone can run into it, which can possibly cause injury, or it may even damage the person’s phone.

It’s completely up to a person to use a selfie stick, but if they use it in places that it’s banned, they may possibly end up with a fine, or they may have their phone or the stick confiscated. It’s always wise to use a selfie stick with caution.