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About Slyce’s Visual Search Technology Solutions

Visual search technology is arguably one of the most influential technologies of our time. It has been very influential in helping online shopping become a better alternative for people around the world when compared to physical shopping. With the popularity of the internet growing in day in day out, there is a growing need for visual search technology to get better.

The technology seeks to make shopping easier and fun. The best thing about the technology, however, is the fact that it is poised to grow much faster if the many startups intending to make better technologies about it are anything to go by. The world is awash with such technologies and especially in regions where online shopping is much appreciated.

Regions like America, India, China and the United States are the most prominent when the startups are concerned. The multiple startups are trying to crack visual search and make it a much better tool to help retail companies enable their users discover products online in a much better way. With a better technology, users can be able to search photos of real objects in the real world and get very good results.

In India alone, more than five startups have mushroomed, and many of them are at an advanced stage when it comes to improving the same. Some have even gone to the extent of developing machine based language inputs for their language. Most of the startups have focused on fashion precisely because it is the most popular online shopping niche in the country. The startups are in a mission to improve and develop a technology that is based on intelligence and with all the visual cues present.

Slyce is one of the most respected companies in the visual search technology niche. The company has popular technologies that have proved very useful for both mobile and desktop platforms and it uses existing product images in its database to answer an image query.

It has both in-store and out of store solutions that have proven to be very efficient when matters related to helping the world of eCommerce. The best and unique thing about both technologies is the fact that they can comfortably scan different barcodes, QR codes and coupons as well.

They are also able to connect directly to product information and therefore, find exact product matches. Slyce has been very instrumental in improving the way online shopping is done these days by providing solutions that provide exact matches for all queries.