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Alec Baldwin Returns To “Saturday Night Live” To Spoof Pres. Trump

Actor Alec Baldwin was back in rare form last night as he reprised his role of President Donald Trump for “Saturday Night Live.” Baldwin wore a pair of pajamas at one point in the skit, and the scene had the actor parodying Trump in bed, according to an item in the Chicago Tribune.

Baldwin’s Trump was shown sitting up in bed, eating an Egg McMuffin (he likes McDonald’s) and sipping a Diet Coke and tweeting and talking at the same time. The spoof poked fun at Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning show, and then, Trump called into the show to talk with the trio co-hosts. The real hosts of the “Fox & Friends” panel skewered by SNL include Steve Doocy, Ainsely Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade.

The sketch got a lot of laughs for SNL, and it can be seen here on YouTube.

The parody also included a scene with Hope Hicks, President Trump’s White House Communications Director. Her role was played by SNL’s Cecily Strong. The “Fox & Friends” trio questioned Hicks on how quickly she had gone from a model in Ivanka Trump’s clothing company to a key job in the White House.

During the skit, Alec Baldwin’s Trump bragged to the cable news hosts how major his State of the Union Address had become. He told them his speech was watched by 10 billion, and Paul Ryan told him it was better than Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream of Jeanie speech.”

Saturday Night Live Finding New Hosts in November

The November slate of hosts and musicals guests for Saturday Night Live has been released. Though some familiar names are on the docket, November will also see a number of new contributors grace the legendary NBC television stage.

The month’s first weekend show, November 4, will see a repeat hosting gig from Larry David, as well as Miley Cyrus return as musical guest. David made headlines last year on SNL even when he wasn’t signed on to host. He appeared in multiple episodes as Bernie Sanders. The impression almost created itself, a la Tina Fey as Sarah Palin a few years ago. David and Sanders look and sound an awful lot alike. From there, it wasn’t hard to fit him into sketches.

As host, David utilized a greater wheel of talents, though he was very much Larry David through and through. That is not a bad thing, and it is no wonder the show invited him back to host again.

The same goes for Cyrus, who is one of the better performers and musical personalities working today. She will surely find herself involved in a sketch or two during her appearance.

As the month progresses, we get a glimpse at some brand new faces. Tiffany Haddish and Chance the Rapper will both be hosting episodes for the first time. Chance has appeared before as musical guest but never as host. In just a few weeks, we will see if he is up to the task.

Kate McKinnon Listened to Podcasts to Prepare for ‘Rough Night’

Kate McKinnon, best known for her work on Saturday Night Live and in the Ghostbusters reboot, is able to pull out plenty of impressions (like her famous Hillary Clinton) and mimic plenty of accents. When the accents are a little tougher for her to learn though, she turns to a surprising method: listening to podcasts. The actress recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to promote her upcoming movie release Rough Night, where she revealed the tidbit.


McKinnon told the host that she had never listened to a podcast before and didn’t even know how to access them before getting the role in Rough Night as an Australian character. She decided that it would be helpful to be able to listen to Australian voices on a loop, so she set out to learn just how to “get podcasts” and began to listen to Australian produced episodes of various shows to help her hone her accent skills.


When Fallon asked her what kind of podcasts she listened to, McKinnon joked that she just used the “podcast app.” Now though, she enjoys plenty of podcasts, though the interview didn’t have the time to go into just what McKinnon might be listening to these days.


With all of her upcoming projects, it’s amazing that McKinnon has time for anything else. In addition to remaining a cast member on Saturday Night Live and having Rough Night in theaters on June 16, McKinnon is also the voice of Ms. Frizzle for the upcoming Netflix Magic School Bus children’s series, and she also has The Lunch Witch, Ferdinand (another voiceover role) and The Spy Who Dumped Me on the way in the next year. McKinnon is certainly one busy woman.



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Jimmy Fallon and Mike Myers Dance It Up

Perhaps it was inevitable that these two Saturday Night Live alums would one day get together and participate in a hilarious dance-off. After all, Jimmy Fallon dances on his show frequently—and Mike Myers is known for playing Austin Powers, a character who was never afraid to bust a move. Luckily for loyal fans, this fateful day finally came. And the two funny guys decided to make a game out of it.


Called Dice Dance Off, the game demanded that each man wear a dancing outfit that represented his country. Myers was outfitted in a red jogging suit to represent Canada, while Fallon sported a bodacious blue for the United States. Both wore hilarious headbands and were forced to roll huge dice that would tell them the name of a dance that they would have to create on the spot. Rolling first, Mike received a challenge called Perpetual Motion, then burst into a routine that seemed to combine dances from the sixties and eighties.


When Jimmy rolled, his request was a bit more challenging. Called Which Pocket Did I Put My Keys In, this dance definitely made Fallon step it up. Fallon’s frenetic response dance was very funny and almost made him look as though he had fleas. The dances that followed included Hot Poutine, Windy Plastic Bag and The Slip N Slide. In the end, it was a dance duet between the two men that brought the audience to their feet for a rousing standing ovation.