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All Are Aware Of Ransomware Today

The cyber security attacks are increasing every year. Besides the numbers, even the intensity of damage is increasing too. This is why Rubica has become essential today.


It is important to know how much these cybercrimes cost us. It can be between $400 -500 billion. Hence the importance of Rubica cannot be underlined any further.


By 2021, it is estimated that the cost of cyber threats such as Ransomware can rise to reach $6 trillion each year (YahooFinance). The impact of these cyber threats includes damage to data and even its destruction. Ransomware can lead to money getting lost. The time and resources required to get everything back lead to a loss in productivity. All this can lead to stolen intellectual property, besides personal as well as financial data. Hence Rubica can help to protect against further embezzlement or fraud. It helps to avoid the business getting disrupted. Rubica can help in forensic investigation too. It can help to restore the hacked data that has been deleted.


The investors need to realize that investing in Rubica can help to mitigate this rising threat that ensues from cyber-attacks. It affects all financially and in many other ways too. It impacts all fields that include politics, medicine and so on.