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Late-Night TV Roasts Roseanne

Roseanne Barr’s controversial, poorly worded tweet about Valerie Jarrett is the gift that keeps on giving — at least for late-night comedians. After the “Roseanne” actress disparaged Jarrett, a former senior advisor to Barack Obama, on social media, ABC took swift action. They canceled the recent revival of Roseanne’s eponymous sitcom. Her agency, ICM, dropped her as a client.


Barr tweeted an apology and also released a statement of apology to Jarrett and the cast and crew of her show.


After the first tweet, Jimmy Kimmel was quick to cut together a new version of “Roseanne” that instead centered around Dan Conner, played by John Goodman.


“The show must go on,” he stated while introducing his proposed version. He went on to joke that ABC — the network his late-night show is on — doesn’t have much else to offer people.


Comedians got even more material to work with when Roseanne blamed her ill-advised tweet on Ambien. Both “The Daily Show” and “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” responded with fake Ambien commercials that jokingly added a “sudden racism” warning to its list of side effects. A fake ad from “The Daily Show” quipped that combining Ambien and social media “may lead to sitcom loss.”


Even Ambien’s manufacturer, Sanofi U.S., released a statement, saying that “racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.”

Roseanne Will Not Return Due to Tweet

Fans of Roseanne are deeply upset by the news that the sitcom will not be returning to ABC and Hulu. The classic sitcom has been treasured over the years, and the reboot became amazingly popular. However, the show has now been canceled over an offensive tweet from Roseanne Barr.



Outrage Over Tweet Leads to Cancellations



Anger over Roseanne Barr’s recent tweets has spread across the internet. Today, she tweeted about the former aide to President Obama. In her tweet, Roseanne stated that Valerie Jarrett looks like the offspring of the “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes”. Valerie Jarret is an African-American who was born in Iran. Roseanne soon deleted the offensive tweet and apologized. However, ABC and Hulu have both dropped Roseanne because of her racist remarks. These events have left fans offended and upset.



Brief History of the Show



Roseanne debuted during the late 1980s. The show became wildly successful as it was the only one of its kind. It was the first sitcom to give a gritty and realistic take on small-town family struggles and victories. Many episodes became cult classics. Roseanne created a world we all could live in and remember. The show lasted until 1997. Fans were upset about the way the show originally ended and had high hopes after its reboot. Today, those hopes were dashed.


 Roseanne has never shied away from controversial topics. However, Roseanne Barr was considered liberal back then. The sitcom highlighted on touchy issues such as homosexuality and transgender people. Her political ideals are on the opposite side of the spectrum these days.



The Future of Roseanne



ABC issued a statement calling the tweet repugnant and affirmed that the channel does not share the same views as Roseanne. Her future isn’t looking bright after her firing. It’s doubtable that she’ll ever work again. Due to her racist tweets, she has left Twitter altogether. Though the show will not continue, fans will always have the previous seasons to return to.

ABC Takes Quick Action Against Roseanne Barr’s Questionable Behavior

ABC performed a quick ruling against Roseanne Barr’s offensive tweets on Monday night after Barr tweeted offensive content in regards to Valerie Jarrett’s nationality. Barr atated something to the effect of Jarrett being the by product of a Planet of the Apes character and the Muslim brotherhood.


A couple of hours later ABC President, Channing Dungey cancelled any renewal of Roseanne Barr’s hit television show. Stating that Roseanne’s repeated offensive remarks are not held to the high standards of the ABC broadcasting family. This decision was swift in retribution and kind of surprising actually. Networks are uasually all about the ratings and bottom line, but it is refreshing to see that the network will not tolerate repeated bad behavior. It seems for too long that celebrities have been able to hold sway over public opinion with no real consequences for their actions except disgruntled personal opinions. Barr apparently apologized form the tweet, saying it was all a “bad joke” but it was too little, too late.Roseanne Bar


Honestly, I feel worse for the writers, cast, and crew that were working on the “Roseanne” show. She may not care, but all of those people are out of a job now because she couldn’t be a decent human being and not take the low road. I do not presume to know how Roseanne Barr’s mind works, but you would hope that she would think next time about the livelihood of those around her