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For Central Ohio Real Estate Call Tammy Mazzocco

The real estate business has been good for Tammy Mazzocco. She is located in Pickerington, Ohio in the Central part of the state and she is associated with RE/MAX. She began her real estate career as a secretary for various real estate agencies in the area, where she learned a lot about the administrative end of the business.

In 1999, Tammy decided to make a move to the sales end of the business. She joined the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX and had had no regrets since. Her real estate practice is located in Pickerington and the four surrounding counties. Tammy specializes in selling residential properties and is very thankful to have been helpful to a myriad of families over the years in assisting them in finding their dream homes, more details can be found on her page.

Tammy likes to schedule her time so that she is the most effective in being in the field showing homes to prospective buyers. She starts her workday early and blocks her time to get the mundane tasks like paperwork and office details done. Then she will get on the phone to start scheduling her time for showing houses.

Tammy likes the lead generating companies such as Zillow and where live leads come across the wire from people who are very interested in looking at homes right away. Those are really like frosting on the cake, as 85 percent of her business comes from referrals and repeat business. Visit her website for the details.

She keeps as busy as she can with people and their home buying desires, and she has been asked what she does to stay organized. She replies that she uses the best tools she can find like “Follow Up Boss.” a piece of software that organizes all of the clients she is working with and the stages they are in about the home buying process.

Tammy likes to emphasize that the one strategy that she learned early is to treat clients like she would want to be treated herself, especially in their time and financial areas. People know when you are focused on them and their needs, and they also know when you are distracted and are not. Tammy says that it is amazing how many people who are in sales don’t care about people.

When asked what outlook she has about herself Tammy replied that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and that she makes it a point to not live in fear at all, but to look upon challenges as ways to have positive outcomes.

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