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Joseph Bismark Shares His Wellness Techniques

A recent article released from Reuters highlights the profile of Joseph Bismark. Bismark, along with several colleagues from his company the Qi Group, are featured in the latest issue of aspIRe magazine. Bismark’s profile provides insight into his daily technique for keeping a strong mind, body and spirit.

The Qi Group is a multinational direct sales conglomerate that offers a variety of lifestyle and health and wellness products. Bismark is one of the co-founders of the Qi Group and currently serves as its managing director.

For Bismark, the health and wellness products that the Qi Group sells and markets are not just tools to make money. Bismark has always taken a highly spiritual approach to life and the Qi Group’s products are reflective of how he approaches life on a day to day basis.

The profile of Bismark includes a discussion of his diet, his exercise regimen, his commitment to yoga and meditation, and his use of technology to assist him with his holistic lifestyle.

Joseph Bismark is a firm believer in holistic health and wellness. He maintains a vegetarian diet. His workout regime includes cycling, swimming, kettlebell lifting and the “rip:60” fitness program.

Bismark is also a long time practitioner and teacher of Yoga. He is a yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga and he continues to voraciously learn and read about new Yoga techniques. He also incorporates meditation and chanting into his Yoga workouts.

Bismark uses the latest technology to assist him in maintaining his lifestyle. He finds “MapmyRide” a useful application for recording his cycling workouts. He is a user of the “SoundCloud” application to record and upload mantras and bhanjans chants for Yoga. He also uses Luminosity, a web based application that keeps his mind sharp with brain games and exercises.

Bismark does not simply believe in taking care of his own mind and body. He also believes that others should harness the potential within. He lives by the saying that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” He regularly shares his knowledge with others and encourages others in the Qi Group to take leadership roles regardless of their position in the organization.

Overall, the release and inspIRe article contain not only a profile of an impressive business leader but also inspiring lessons that anyone interested in holistic wellness can take to heart.

Economists save our economy

Economists are the ones who essentially hold corporate America up through their study of finance. Their job is to study the economy and keep the company they work for informed of what they believe will happen in the financial world next. This can range anywhere from simply telling the employer that gas prices will probably go soaring in the next few weeks in an oil company to predicting a stock market crash before it can happen. Economist play a pivotal role in the companies that they work for and are given much less credit than they deserve.
One economist who is making huge waves today is Christian Broda. Broda is the Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management. Having previously served as a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, Broda is well acquainted with all of the ins and outs of economics and is a company leader in Duquesne Capital Management’s day to day affairs. He has even had his research published in some of the leading economic journals such as: American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. He is also a recipient of two grants to fund his research from the National Science Foundation.
Having studied and published works on the global imbalance, low inflation for our markets, and even some words on the debt to the Chinese it is not hard to see why Christian Broda has made splashes since he came on to the scene in the world of economics. Broda’s long career in economics and large amounts of success lead one to believe that he is likely one of the top economists in the world.
Economists are hardworking individuals who have taken a ton of time in their lives to try to study and learn to predict economic issues before they can happen and are thus some of the most valuable employees anywhere. With leaders in the economic world such as Christian Broda it isn’t surprising to learn that we have basically been able to see how the economy will perform months and often even years before it has happened. These are the individuals that can make or break many companies. They are an asset that shouldn’t ever be forgotten.

Stephen P. Murray and Private Investor Equity Business

Steve P. Murray (Stephen Murray CCMP Capital) passed away in March of this year at the age of 52 years old; he was the former President and Chief Executive Officer of the company he owned-CCMP Capital. He had resigned from his position in February because of health reasons. He also worked as a philanthropist and as an Investor in Equity within his own company and specialized in growth and buyout of equity deals. Mr. Murray attended Boston College where he earned a Bachelor’s of Business degree in Economics. He then went on to attend Columbia Business School where he obtained his Master’s degree in Business Administration. Mr. Murray started out working in a training program for college graduates at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as an analyst for credit. After working there for a couple of years, he went to work for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. It then became Chase Capital Partners in 1996. He then became an associate nine years later as they became a part of J.P. Morgan in charge of business buyout, who is one of the larger equity firms that were privately held.

Steve Morgan was one of the pioneers of his business; he joined the bank of J.P. Morgan and then continued to help grow that business into one of the biggest equity businesses in the private industry. In 2004 J.P. Morgan won the bid to buy Warner Chilcott, which was a drug company that several other companies wanted to buy. One of them was a very big client of J.P. Morgan called TPG Capital, when they threatened to pull their business from J.P. Morgan, Steve Murray and another man became partners and spun off into another company called CCMP Capital. A year later he was made CEO and built a new personality for the brand. The company raised more than three and a half billion in funding for them in 2007. He has served on the Board of Directors for many different large companies. He was also very active in charity work such the food bank in Fairfield County and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New York, the food bank in Fairfield County.

Greg Brenneman who is the CCMP chairman that took over for Mr. Murray as president and CEO made a statement about his death and saying how much he will be missed and how they were all thankful for all of his contributions and what a great person he was and how talented he was. He was married to Tami Murray, together they had four sons.

Pets Are Profoundly Medicinal

Most people know that pets have positive effects on us in our time of need, whether physical or psychological. They calm us, cheer us, make us feel needed, and are wonderful companions. It is well established that there is a strong link between the mind and body. Ergo when we feel better emotionally, our bodies respond with increased health benefits. Recent research indicates that our response to our pets actually alters the biochemistry in our brain. Pets have been used as therapy in nursing homes, for troubled children, and even for those with drug addictions. The main neurotransmitter cited is oxytocin. Oxytocin has profound psychological and physiological effects on both humans and animals. Steve Murray would certainly like to learn more.


It triggers a state of calmness and strong tendencies toward nurturing. These qualities are not just important for maternal reasons, but also for forming relationships of any type with both humans and animals. Oxytocin production can be triggered simply by stroking an animal. Other neurotransmitters that research has identified are beta-endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Beta-endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers. Dopamine and serotonin are associated with alleviation of chronic depression. Perhaps this research will go far toward making pet-therapy an accepted and reimbursable medical treatment.

Teen Carries Brother on Long Walk

Teenagers often receive attention for the things that they do that influence the world in a negative way, but there are teenagers out there who deserve a whole different kind of attention. There are teenagers out there who are seeking to make the world a better place for the ones they love and for everyone. These teenagers deserve attention, and one of these teens is receiving the kind of attention that he deserves.

A fifteen year old boy carried his younger brother over fifty miles in a walk meant to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. The younger brother of this teen suffers from the disorder and was unable to make the walk on his own. This teenager is committed to changing the world, and for him that means raising awareness about cerebral palsy. This teen is doing something good and right, and he is doing it to help someone he loves. This boy deserves all kinds of attention for the positive deed that he is doing. Jim Dondero is certainly impressed.

U.S. Pledges Not To Act As Puppet Master In Caribbean Basin Countries

In only the seventh, “Summit of the Americas,” held in Panama City and attended by the countries representing the Caribbean and South America coalition, President Barack Obama pledge that the United States would no longer interfere in the affairs of the attending countries and would aid in help the countries grow economically. The pledge was well received by the representative audience who for some, have long seen the United States as a meddle some bully from the North, who enjoys playing puppet master with the smaller Caribbean and South American neighbors to the south. These countries have long resented the exploitation of their countries by the United States and larger western powers. Many hope that the President’s message is a sign of a change in policy and that the United States will be more supportive in helping some of these fledging countries expand their economic and domestic base.President Obama Seeks to Improve Ties With Carib and South American Neighbors

The Caribbean basin is in need of and seeking new foreign investment dollars. This has been supported by a study conducted by the United Nations which found that foreign investment monies have been lacking in the Caribbean. Ray Lane really liked the study, even if it was only mildly reported on Aquion Energy. The United States is seeking to prevent other foreign interests from staking a claim in the Caribbean and South American region. China for example, has been investing heavily in infrastructure projects in the Caribbean and South America and has been consistently increasing its influence at the doorstep of the United States.

Charges Dropped Against Raper Facing Life Sentence

Rapper Brandon Duncan, better known as Tiny Doo, was previously faced with nine felony charges stemming from a series of shootings. His connection to the crimes was based from an obscure California law and if convicted, Duncan would have faced life in prison.

Duncan was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony because he had released a rap album that, according to prosecutors, promoted gang activity. Proposition 21, a law passed in 2000, stated that a person was guilty of conspiracy if they “promoted, benefit from, or assisted” in criminal activity. Duncan’s 4album, “No Safety,” featured a photograph of a pistol with an open chamber, revealing bullets.

Duncan didn’t reach the success and acclaim that he had aspired to reach. Only 100 copies of the album were made. While a few of the albums were sold, Duncan gave most of the copies to friends and family members.

A series of shootings occurred. One of the assailants reportedly had a copy of “No Safety” at the time of his arrest. Prosecutors found the discovery to be enough to bring charges of conspiracy. Duncan, who had no criminal history, was arrested and given a $1 million bail, which was later reduced.

He was released from jail more than six months later. The initial charges left many, including Ricardo Guimaraes BMG to wonder about the protections that would be offered to writers and music artists.
Charges against Brandon Duncan were dropped on March 16, years after the shootings took place.

Daniel Amen and the Daniel Plan

The current world of nutrition and health has experienced a number of breakthroughs and is a far cry from what general nutrition was once understood as. Still, the current trends on healthy eating and dietary improvements nevertheless have not lost their faddish bend, and many ‘tested and proven’ diets supposedly able to ‘revolutionize one’s health’ are either duds or simply too difficult or too unappealing to keep up in the long run. 

Not only does this make eating and living a far more healthful lifestyle all but impossible, thanks to the presence of droves of processed and refined foods, and any thoughts of a more wholesome lifestyle for the overall betterment of one’s health goes down the proverbial drain. 

Meet Dr. Daniel Amen, he has nutritional plan that all-natural

Meet Dr. Daniel Amen, a nutritionist, professional psychiatrist, and best-selling author of a number of books on health, wellness and diet with a degree in medicine from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. Dr. Amen’s take on successful health and wellness, particularly his focus on partaking of nutritionally dense whole foods to combat the most basic ailments to the more decidedly harmful types of disease, is the product of 32 years of practice. 

Dr. Amen believes that a diet which comprises of immunity-boosting and neuro-protective foods can do more than just improve overall health and wellness, but can actually help to prevent and even treat or reverse the effects of some common mental disorders like chronic depression, ADHD, ADD, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Very impressive claims back by evidence. 

Dr. Amen’s specialized dietary plan, referred to as the ‘Daniel Plan’ (referring to the Biblical prophet and seer Daniel) comprises of a simplistic and holistic take on disease-preventative and restorative diet, with a primary focus on the consumption of whole grains, fresh vegetables, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids derived from seafood. But that’s not the whole of his diet plan. 

Not only is one meant to enjoy the wholesome food eaten on a daily basis, the Daniel Plan also focuses on a fulfilling and richly rewarding spiritual angle – in that dietary changes for brain health and disease prevention is just the tip of the iceberg, but that a spiritually enriching lifestyle should go along with it. Unlike fad diets that focus on one type of super-food as a ‘wonder-drug’, the Daniel Plan understands that the nutrition derived from food have to work synergistically and holistically. 

Coupled with an emotionally and spiritually fulfilling and nurturing lifestyle to truly work, the Daniel Plan is a far cry indeed from most diets that focus merely on weight loss, gorging oneself on super-foods, or counting calories and avoiding fats. If it’s a good, wholesome, and effective diet one is after – one that will drastically improve the overall quality of one’s life – then the Daniel Plan is the way to go!

Also, check out these articles by Daniel Amen on the Huffington Post… they’re great reads!

Mark Ahn, PhD. Lays Out Top Leadership Strategies for 2015

Mark Ahn, PhD. and founding Principal of Pukana Partners has laid his top leadership strategies for 2015. As author of over 50 peer reviewed journal articles and 20 year veteran of various leadership positions his advice on leadership is noteworthy not only in his own industry, but in others as well. With his experience in military, academia, and business Mark Ahn has the unique position of being able to identify effective leadership qualities and strategies in a variety of settings and situations. His newest report explains several importation concepts for being an effective leader in 2015.

One of the biggest values stressed in the report is learning from those who came before you. Mark explains that good leadership qualities and tactics are timeless and that learning from the past is a surefire way to build the future. He also talks about the importance of leading with integrity. According to Mark one who doesn’t’ lead with integrity compromises the effectiveness of the institution. This is closely related to another principal he goes over: leading by example. Taking a “do as I say, not as I do” is ineffective according to Mark and will undermine your employees performance.

Another big issue Mark talks about is remaining humble. He explains that many leaders often times ignore the wisdom of those whom they lead and in doing so undermine their own effectiveness. He states that this is particularly important during times of crisis. Additionally Mark Ahn says that good leaders aren’t born, they are made. This depends upon making good leadership a habit and working at it every day. A lifetime of good leadership isn’t easy he says, but it is worth it and the benefits of being a good leader can’t be overstated.

For more information on Mark Ahn and his report on leadership strategies in 2015 click here.

The Stellar Career of New York Lawyer and Financial Advisor, Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a man with many passions. Aside from his intense love for hosting events and traveling, the New Yorker has had a longstanding affinity with the financial and legal sectors.

 Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford University in 2000, and in a precursor to joining the legal world, he pursued his higher education at Columbia Law School where he received his Masters Degree in law. Like most college graduates, Tabar was hoping to land a position with a top firm, but he never imagined he would be a part of one of the most prestigious law firms in the world, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP. Tabar joined the team in 2001 as an Associate and quickly learned the ropes in the capital strategy and business development department.

 Excited about the abundance of opportunities available in the legal sector, and driven by the idea of advancing his newfound career, Tabar left Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP after three years with the firm. He promptly accepted the Director and Head of Capital Strategy position at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Tabar was the head of the Asia-Pacific Region department and his fluency in Japanese facilitated his growth within the company.

 In 2012, Tabar departed from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and accepted the position of Director at Adanac LLC, BVI. While at Adanac, Tabar was aching to utilize his law degree again, and he prepared himself for a triumphant return to the legal field. In 2013, he received just the opportunity he was looking for.

 Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP, one of the top law firms in the financial services sector, brought Tabar on board as a Senior Associate. Tabar was one of approximately 100 attorneys to advise clients on hedge fund formation, investment management and investigative issues. Tabar parted ways with Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP in March of 2014.

 Tabar prides himself on his ability to identify safer product investments for his clients, which CNBC highlights in their recent article, Sam Tabar Reveals Investment Tips for the New Year. While actively monitoring and gauging the markets’ performances over a period of time, he is able to gain the insight that is needed to properly manage commodities and lessen the occurrence of losses.