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QuestLove Proves His Prince Song Catalog Knowledge on Jimmy Fallon

Everyone that watches The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is well aware that Questlove knows a lot about Prince. He has often called Prince his Idol, and this is why he is very proficient when it comes to naming songs by Prince.

When Jimmy Fallon had Questlove to sit on the couch as they reminisced about the passing of Prince they celebrated the musician by playing short clips of his songs. Questlove was put to the test for his skills in naming the songs that were played by Jimmy Fallon. These were short clips, but Questlove managed to name all of these songs correctly.

There are a lot of artists that are fans of Prince, but there are few that may be as insightful on the music of Prince as Questlove is. He has shown himself to be a musician that has studied one of the greatest, and he considers Prince to have been his Idol.

There’s definitely a lot of influence from Questlove that has been shown in the music that he has produced. One of the artists that he has put a lot of time and focus into over the years is D’Angelo.

Anyone that has listens to D’angelo is well-aware that Questlove has done an insane amount of backup drumming for D’Angelo. He has played on tracks for these albums, and he has gone on tour with D’Angelo. This friendship and work relationship with the Prince inspired Neo-Soul artist shows that the influence of Prince has been heavy.