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President Trump’s Congratulatory Phone Call To Vladimir Putin – Odd or Oddly Normal?

Recent headlines suggest that President Trump’s phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin, congratulating him on his victory in Russia’s presidential election is yet another indication that our commander in chief is secretly working with the Kremlin. Putin’s landslide victory on March 18th with over three-quarters of the vote secures him another six years in office. So why would President Trump calling President Putin to congratulate him on this victory become a major headline in every media outlet in the known world? According to The Weekly Standard, President Obama extended the exact same courtesy to President Putin when he won Russia’s presidential election in 2012. (https//weekly

It is obvious that any communication President Trump has with President Putin will be immediately concluded by many that the two are working together to take over the operations of the entire planet. Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi was the first to congratulate President Trump on his presidential victory as per an article by ( One would argue that these two countries are allies and exchanging pleasantries would be routine between the two leaders. It is this sentiment that is being echoed by news anchors and radio pundits on a daily basis that the two presidents are secretly working together on a daily basis. You do not hear about the distaste these television and radio personalities had when President Obama made his call, with The White House and Washington as a whole remaining largely neutral to Putin’s victory. An article from The New York Times relays this position

Whether you support or oppose President Trump and his politics, it is important to have respect for the office that he represents. A phone call is just that, a phone call.