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Obama Appears on Kimmel

Although President Obama hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight recently, he did make time to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night television show. Of course, this wasn’t just any show; it was Kimmel’s third year of hosting a benefit to help those struggling with HIV/AIDS. This RED fundraiser not only contained a message from the 44th president, but it also boasted several segments that promoted products related to the RED line. If consumers purchase these products, then the proceeds go to programs that assist people who are struggling with these diseases.

Although the subject matter was very intense, Obama managed to make his delivery of the message extremely palatable and easy to digest. The segment seemed to be surprise, as the audience reacted with cheers as soon as they saw the former president pop up on the screen. Cheekily, Kimmel referred to the next guest as an “unemployed” gentleman. After making a jab about Twitter feeds, Obama went on to share some surprisingly uplifting statistics. With death rates being slashed by lifesaving medication and with more than 50 percent of people who suffer from the disease taking the right drugs to keep the negative effects at bay, it would appear that the advocacy is working. Obama used his finely tuned sensibilities to speak to the audience in a way they would prefer, driving his points home while wishing everyone a happy holiday. Indeed, it was one of Kimmel’s merriest shows in recent memory.