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End Citizens United’s Grand Match towards Big Money-Free Politics

Since its founding, End Citizens United has remained steadfast in its quest to rid American politics of big money businesses that have held politicians hostage with huge donations to their political campaigns. The political action committee primarily operating at the grassroots level has intensively campaigned for the overturning of the Citizens United‘s ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010, which allowed big businesses unlimited campaign funding. To achieve its desired goal, End Citizens United has adopted an aggressive fundraising initiative that has seen it garner up to $4 million for the first three months of 2017. These funds will be part of the PAC’s war chest for the upcoming 2018 midterm congressional elections in the United States where it seeks to exert greater influence and shape the future of the U.S politics.


The significant amount of funds raised so far by End Citizens United is part of the over $35 million in campaign funds the organization has projected to raise by the next election cycle. If the organization meets this target, it will be a remarkable improvement considering it raised over $25 million during the last election period in 2016. Even more impressive was the 40,000 first time donors who had contributed during the first quarter. This made up close to 40 percent of the donors so far. The funds will be used primarily to finance the campaigns of politicians with reform-oriented policies. End Citizens United has so far thrown their weight behind candidates such as Senator Sherrod Brown, Jon Ossoff and Senator Jon Tester. These are Democratic Party candidates vying for elective posts in states with Ossoff seeking to fill the vacant Congressional seat in Georgia in a special by-election. Its aggressive approach also includes partnering with over organizations to push through their agenda. Additionally, the organization ensures that no single donor can donate over $5,000.


Organizational Profile


Founded in 2015, End Citizens United has been on the front row to challenge the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United in 2010. The organization primarily receives donations from grassroots donors who believe in their cause aimed at pushing for a reform of the current U.S election campaign financing laws, which give big businesses to influence the electoral process in the country. To overturn the ruling that entrenched the ‘corporations are people’ ideology, End Citizens United actively finance the campaign ads for various candidates, which it believes will implement the right policies that will undo the disastrous effects if the 2010 landmark ruling.


End Citizens United has therefore brought on board highly experienced individuals who have extensive experience in matters elections. The Washington, DC-based organization is currently headed by Tiffany Muller who serves as the president and chief executive officer. It has adopted a multi-tiered leadership system that allows for efficiency and effective delivery of services and its core objective.

George Soros and the Democratic Alliance Increases their Political Funding in 2017

When presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of the Democrats lost the election to Republican front runner Donald J. Trump; it was a shocking blow for the democratic party. Clinton was supposed to have clinched the office in 2016. However, she ended up losing in a what could only be termed a major political upset. Now that President Trump is in office, the Democratic Party is on the defense.

The Democratic Alliance on discoverthenetworks.orgis increasing their political activity and funding to hamper the Republican Party’s efforts over the next 4-years. Soros is not only using his money to help the Democrats to carry out their agenda against the Republicans.

The Democratic Party does not want the Republicans to change much of the work they have accomplished on This is why the Democratic Alliance is doing everything they can to thwart President Trump’s first 100 days in office. They are also trying to keep the Republicans from gaining too much power in office.

George Soros and his associates are increasing their donor spending for the party. They are also giving more support for the organizations that are helping to push their agenda. Democratic financier, George Soros, is one of the leading members of the Democratic Alliance.

George Soros is considered the 19th richest American, states Forbes magazine. Soros’s contributions will help the Democratic Alliance to carry out their agenda. He will give money to put more Democrats into office in 2018. He is also giving more of his money to social, economic and political groups that will be key in advancing the Democrats over the next 4-years.

It is fair to say that Soros and his associates want to get President Trump out of office in 2020 on They want him to be a one term president. So, they are gearing up to take on Trump in different ways to make this a reality.

George Soros is a big wig within the Democratic Party. He is now supporting key groups that will help the Democrats to advance their cause over the coming years. The American Immigration Council, The New America Foundation, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and the American Prospect Magazine.

Think tanks and labor groups are also being utilized the Democratic Alliance to combat the rise of the Republican’s influence. The Democratic Alliance and Soros know that they must continue to finance the Democratic ideology. If they don’t the Republican way of life will continue to overtake American society.

Trump Tape Provides Material for Late Night Hosts

There can be no question that Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has been a gold mine for all of the late night talk show hosts. Trump’s wild statements have constantly provided these comedians with an endless source of material. Rarely a day goes by when the late night talk shows do not make a reference to Trump or play a clip of him making a speech. This has proven to be very good for ratings. All of the late night shows also post all of their clips online. The videos containing jokes making fun of Trump always get very large numbers of views.


The biggest bombshell of the Trump campaign came when a video of Trump taken in 2005 showed him making controversial statements about women. Needless to say, this was a dream come true for the late night hosts and all of their writers. They wasted no time writing jokes that ripped Trump for the comments that he made. Most of the shows spent the entire week using the Trump tape as a source for countless bits and monologue jokes.


The beating that Trump has taken at the hands of the late night hosts has led Trump to proclaim that these jokes are all part of a scheme by the media to fix the election. It does not appear that jokes about the 2005 Trump tape are going to be stopping any time soon. The late night shows know a good thing when they see it. The Trump video is a gift that keeps on giving to late night hosts.



Helane Morrison: The Compliance Guru of San Francisco

The compliance bit of corporate transactions is increasingly gaining relevance. Firms avoid contravening regulatory statutes due to the risk of revocation of licenses and fines. Additionally, the presence of multiple regulatory bodies in every industry necessitates the formation of compliance departments.


Helane Morrison has become the mother of compliance issues in the San Francisco area over the current decade. Her expertise in this sector began while she served as an administrator for the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. She rose up the ranks and eventually became the pioneering female director of the department.


During her tenure, Helane developed a tightly knit compliance infrastructure for the SEC. She oversaw five States in the Northwest including California. Her main areas of operation included regulation and enforcement of securities exchange as well as litigation. She also has a background in Law thus her ability to discharge all these duties.


Helane attended the Berkeley School of Law at California University where she was an active legal affairs writer and editor. Before that, she had managed to graduate with a Degree in Journalism from the Northwestern University. She went on to build her career in law between 1986 and 1996.


Hall Capital, an investment bank in San Francisco has been the focus of Helane’s time since 2007. She assumes the role of a Managing Director in charge of Legal and Compliance issues. She works together with two other women at the helm of the organization and her time there has preceded significant achievement. An article on her professional undertakings can be viewed on Bloomberg journal.


Apparently, Helane Morrison’s extensive knowledge and experience mean that she can easily influence the practice of compliance. She, therefore, shares her experience through writing. Together with her colleagues and practitioners, they have published several journals on compliance. An example of such materials spoke on compliance in marketing and fundraising and was the result of a conference held in 2012.


Helane and other practitioners are now gaining recognition from far and wider and they are beginning to assume bigger managerial roles in business enterprises. In Helane’s case, envious eyes are cast on her illustrious career and now wait to see the next big move she could make in future.

Is Charles Koch Feeling the Bern?

One half of the well-known Koch brothers caused a stir in the political world recently. A published Washington Post article reveals some of Charles Koch’s viewpoints are not so different from Democratic Presidential nominee Bernie Sanders.

Much to the surprise of Bernie Sanders supporters and many others, Charles Koch has gone on to say he shares the sentiment the Presidential hopeful has concerning wealth inequality. The article quoted Koch, indicating the chief executive of Koch Industries, also believes that today’s economy primarily serves to help those already high on the financial food chain. Koch goes on to say that the financial system’s checks and balances only serves to keep a two tiers of living in place, essentially the haves and the have-nots.
There is a stir on Charles Koch’s sentiments on Bernie Sander’s political stance on inequality. But Koch goes on to discuss that there is still quite a bit that he disagrees with concerning Sander’s and his presidential campaign. Koch makes it clear that he will not be contributing funds to the nominee’s campaign. Still, the notion that someone like Charles Koch can agree with Sanders on the idea of economic inequality is still something to take notice.
Charles Koch was born in Witchita Kansas in 1935, a place he still resides. A descendent of Dutch immigrants, Koch attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received two Masters Degrees in Science. In the early 1960’s Koch worked on the board of Rock Island Oil and Refining Company, later becoming president and renaming the company with his familial last name. To this day Koch Industries has grown exponentially, nearly generating 100 billion dollars in revenue.
While normally the stereotypical boogeyman of many a political stand point, it would seem rare for a big business figure to agree with a grass roots campaign like the Bernie Sanders movement. But such is the case as the influential Charles Koch has agreed with the philosophy Sanders has on income inequality. While Koch disagrees on several other aspects of Sanders standpoints both men share the belief that current economic system is rigged to favor the privileged over others less fortunate.

Brooknol Advisors CEO Brian Mulligan Is A Jack Of All Trades

Brian Mulligan is an entrepreneur and CEO of Brooknol Advisors, a sports and media entertainment advisory corporation. Mulligan has a 30-year career in which he has served as CEO or CFO of all of the companies he has worked. He is considered an expert in the field of music, film, entertainment and even sports. In the course of his lucrative career, he has headed FOX Sports, Universal Television, Universal Pictures and Boston Consulting. He also has extensive experience in private equity and worked at Money Center Bank.

Mulligan is a member of the Sports Institute, Digital Roundtable and is an industry sports entertainment speaker. He has won numerous awards for his excellence in media and entertainment. He was recently named “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood” and “One of the Leading Investors in the Nation.” Mulligan has a weekly column for USA Today and is a contributor to Fields of Green, a magazine devoted to law, media, finance, technology and marketing.

In a recent article in Field of Green, Mulligan explained to readers that the best way to enter the sports industry is through volunteer work. He encourages students to apply for internships. He notes that anyone who thinks it can’t pay off should look at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who now makes $44 million yearly; he started off as former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozell’s driver. Not a bad place to start, considering the position he is in now.

Mulligan is involved in many charitable causes. He gives generously to the St. Jude, City Of Hope and other organizations. He has helped raise millions for many area schools. He also coaches in many youth football leagues. Mulligan received a bachelors degree from the University of Southern California and a graduate degree from the University of California at Los Angeles.

A Congressman That Is A Lie

It is interesting to note that people will happily put their morals to the side if it fits into their overall purpose. A Republican lawmaker named Scott DesJarlais has made headlines because he is a supporter of antiabortion rights. This representative of Tennessee and he has a lot to say when it comes to abortions, but it turns out that when abortions work in his favor he does seem to agree with them. He has been a very strong opposer of abortion, but new facts indicate that he supported abortion when it came to him and the women in his life.

One of his ex-wife’s reported that she had two abortions which he supported, and apart from his own wife he also had many extramarital affairs. He had an affair with a 24-year-old woman and on a recorded phone call he was heard speaking with her. He was frustrated because she had not gotten an abortion and that is what they had previously agreed-upon.

People like Mikal Watts really should not be surprised when they find out that politicians are misrepresenting their very own morals. That has been true in the case of many politicians in the past, it is true in our day, and it will continue to be the true in the future.

Hillary Clinton to Make it Official on Sunday: She is Running for President

Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State for the United States of America, will announce her aim to get the nomination for president by the Democrats in 2016 on Sunday. This would end years of debates around her intention to run for the presidency, according to NPR.

People like Bruce Karatz, who know her campaign strategy state that Clinton, long assumed to be the frontrunner for the Democratic party (even without formal announcements), will possibly announce the news in a social media video or even a tweet. There is a chance it appears on as well. This appears to be an appeal to the younger generations of “digital natives,” for whom the internet and technology are a natural extension of their lives, suggests an anonymous source close to the Clinton campaign.

By announcing the running now, it gives the advantage to Clinton. She lost to Barack Obama back in 2008 and this time around she could have a lot more fundraising in order to get the hundreds of millions in cash that is typically required to spark a promising presidential bid.

After the announcement on Sunday, Clinton is “presumed to be traveling to Iowa – a key state in the caucus game – for planning further campaign events.” Strategists for the Democratic party have mentioned the anonymous nature of the details because Clinton has not yet detailed the plan for her campaign volunteers, according to the Washington Post. Sunday is set to be the “tell-all” day.