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A Prepared Mind: Brian Mulligan and the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy

Brian Mulligan is one of the world’s leading physiotherapists. He is a lecturer, founder of the Mulligan Concept Teachers’ Association and the inventor of the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. He has been married forty years and like many New Zealand natives, enjoys the outdoors, his children and grandchildren. Brain’s private practice began in 1956 and he has taught in ninety one cities in the US and twenty countries around the world. Under his belt he has tucked countless journal articles, several textbooks and many awards, most recently the International Service to the Profession Award given by the World Confederacy for Physical Therapy, held this year in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Brian founded the Mulligan Concept Teachers’ Association in 1995 as a vehicle committed to validating his brainchild through real research. Today, there are thirty five accredited teachers and there have been at least that many randomized controlled trials that illustrate the positive outcome of his procedures. Most of his students learn from his original textbook Manual Therapy: NAGS, SNAGS, MWMs, etc. He also wrote Self Treatment for Back, Neck and Limbs and The Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy, the latter being the ‘go to’ book for physiotherapists interested in these common sense techniques.

Brian’s concepts seem complicated at first but with further reading are easily understood. His original hypothesis states that injuries to the joints of the body can and do result in a minor fault in the way that joint moves. These faults cause restrictions in movement, accompanied by pain, stiffness, and weakness. Normal joints allow free but controlled movement while working to soften the natural forces of compression put onto them by the body’s regular movements. Physiotherapists work to realign the damaged joint in the least invasive ways: small steps over time to return the bones, muscles, tendons and other bodily structures to their natural places. These small steps eventually realign the joint, thus reliving pain and any further damage.

Mr. Mulligan’s concepts have been called both enduring and practical. The philosophy surrounding his techniques is not stand alone, instead he encourages them to be integrated into already existing clinical practices. Brian’s favorite quote by the late Louis Pasteur surely encompasses the entirety of his concepts concerning manual therapy and the unique ability of the human body to heal with time: “In the field of discovery, chance only favors the prepared mind.”

Joseph Bismark – His Work Ethic On Business

I found a blog post on Please Don’t Ask Alice. It talked about the power behind spirituality and how one person can make a huge difference in the lives of others if they properly understand how to lift them up with a strong work ethic. One person who understands this so well is the very experienced Joseph Bismark. Bismark is a leading businessman working with the IQ Group and even co-founded the huge QNet business known for their direct selling systems and the products that they sell.

Joseph Bismark – His Work Ethic On Business

One of the main things he focuses on is the power behind team work. He knows that simply bringing people together and working with other people on a one on one basis can help form relationships and help people achieve their highest potential. Joseph has also become very focused on guiding people towards their biggest dream on achieving more what and more success in their specific crafts at work. Joseph finds joy on giving his employees the tiny encouraging push to go after their goals within the company.

How Did He Become So Spiritual?

What sets this guy apart from other businessmen and myself is his growth in the Philippines. He flew there at just nine years old, and he became a monk for about eight years until he decided to jump right in to the corporate world. He became this huge giant success almost right away. It became such a huge success for him being in the corporate world, and after awhile, he finally grew with time to work with some of the world’s most amazing companies. 

Joseph believes in the power of encouragement for all of his employees. This is why he has become a huge successful businessman. He enjoys trying to benefit his employees so that they grow and become even better at their work. Whether it’s one on one training, encouragement, or simply helping them daily work together, he knows how to bring people and the entire team together to achieve a better business. I take his words and knowledge of my business everyday.

Caitlyn Jenner Getting Paid by E! for Trans Docu-Series? You Betcha!

The Kardashian/Jenner families have always been shrewd business people despite what their many critics might argue. So, should we all be that surprised by the E! cable network paying the former Bruce Jenner millions for her trans docu-series (I Am Cait) scheduled to air in late July?

No, we shouldn’t be stunned, but we should be amazed by the huge $5 million pay-day the former Olympic great will be receiving.

According to, E! is going way above and beyond what they have ever paid a solo reality show, but the 5 million figure appears to be the true amount. Let’s face it; this docu-series is going to be more than monumental. It will most likely be seen by many millions globally.

The gossip online tabloid also claims that 65-year-old Caitlyn Jenner spent some $4 million for her physical male-to-female transition says Sergio Cortes. Meantime, Caitlyn has been showing off her glmaorous new self with a Vanity Fair cover and story, and she is poised to receive the “Arthur Ashe Award for Courage” at the ESPY Awards show in July.

Caitlyn Jenner remains quite the topic du jour for the moment, but not everything is going her way. She still faces a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a fatal, highway car accident last February in Malibu. The two step-children of the victim Kim Howe claim the former Olympian great was “careless and negligent.”

Bruce Levenson: A Man and his Philanthropic Mission

Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman, and entrepreneur. He is also the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA and is a product of Washington, D.C. and Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and earned a degree in law from American University. His early career was as a journalist for the Washington Star.

Levenson is co-founder of UCG (United Communication Group), specializing in business information services and a founder of Tech Target, a technology media company. Mr. Levenson is an advisor for the private investment firm of BIA Digital Partners, and he was also a member of the Board of Directors NEPA (Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association). He is a proud member of the Software and Information Industry Associations Hall of Fame.

In addition to being a successful businessman, Bruce Levenson is also a community minded man and gives back to his community in a variety of ways. His philanthropic philosophy is motivated by his mission to enrich the lives of others.

His company, UCG, was the first corporate sponsor of the “I Have a Dream” foundation. Bruce and his team of volunteers work to inspire students to strive for academic excellence while some volunteers help students to repair the lives of those less fortunate. Mr. Levenson and the UCG effort volunteer at senior centers, repair, and paint homes and prepare high school students for a career in fast changing technology based fields, as well as contributing to Red Cross blood drives.

Bruce Levenson is also a founder and primary donor for the United States Holocaust Museum. He funds the program called “Bringing Lessons Home” that teaches students about the Holocaust. His program also trains students to become Museum tour guides.

He also supports the SEED Foundation, which provides boarding school educational opportunities for underserved students. The program, based in Washington, D.C., teaches students life skills in a safe and secure boarding school environment.

Seeds of Peace is another of Mr. Levenson’s philanthropic giving. The organization brings young people from areas of conflict around the world, including the United States, to a camp based in Maine and teaches the children to work for a better future by turning conflict into something positive.

Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen, were the primary developing partners for the University of Maryland based program for the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. The program teaches students to operate nonprofit organizations while offering motivation to the University in an effort to motivate and inform students about philanthropic opportunities and activities.

In World Of Economics, Broda Knows The Way, Shows The Way

The name Christian Broda is well known on the financial planning and economics scene. Broda often shares the knowledge he’s gained during his career through interviews with the press, as well as his own writing.

Broda now serves as a managing director at Duquesne Capital Management. Prior to his work at Duquesne, Broda was a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

In 1997, Broda graduated summa cum laude from the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina with a degree in economics. He went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue his masters and doctorate degree.

After completing his education in 2001, Broda landed a position in the international research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Broda started his work at the University of Chicago as an associate professor in 2005, and continued his work in a tenured teaching position from 2008 until he left the university in 2010 to pursue his current position with Duquesne.

During the years Broda served as a professor he also spent a year as the chief international economist for Lehman Brothers. Broda also led the international research department at Barclays Capital.

Broda, who was chosen as the James S. Kemperer Scholar in 2006, has penned multiples books and articles on topics relating to international trade and finance, including titles such as “Prices, Poverty and Inequality,” a book Broda co-wrote with David E. Weinstein.

Broda’s research and writing has been published in several well-known trade publications like the Quarterly Journal of Economics and the American Economic Review. Additionally, Broda serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Development Economics, co-editor for IMF Economic Review and as a member of the Latin American Association Economia journal. He has been a faculty fellow for the National Bureau of Economic Research, a post Broda has held since 2006.

Broda is routinely sought by the media to offer his professional expertise, including a June 2014 article appearing at in which Broda offered advice about starting a successful hedge fund.

Broda’s work has caught the attention of the National Science Foundation on two occasions, once in 2005 and again in 2008, at which time the NSF awarded Broda grants to continue his research.

Broda also travels to universities and financial institutions around the world to present his research and share his professional experience.

Samuel L. Jackson Is Pissed off at Cops

It is easy to forget that Samuel L. Jackson was a black panther. That is, of course, until you watch him yell in one of his movies or see something about him in the news.

The actor’s newest political calling is the most popular and likely closest to his sentiments, his background in activism being what it is. That is, of course, the ongoing campaign against police violence following several fatal incidents where black men allegedly committing crimes were killed while being subdued by the police with force. Jared Haftel posted a video on Vine of a song commemorating the memory and last words of Eric Garner, entitled ‘We Ain’t Gonna Stop Until People Are Free’, which happens to be by Samuel L. Jackson.

Furthermore he has called upon other celebrities and protestors to recite the song on social media and other information outlets. It seems that Mr. Jackson hopes to use the same sort of viral campaign that so successfully raised awareness about ALS, though with a catchy tune instead of ice water. Whether this will catch on or be effective remains to be seen, but it is surely in keeping with the actor’s history and beliefs. It’s a shame for him that, after so many years, he’s still “processing the same Old S**t!”