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How Organo Gold Has Improved the Quality of Coffee Consumed

Water is probably the greatest product consumed by people today. However, it has been established that coffee is the second highly consumed product across the world. According to the National Coffee Association, more than 125.2 million bags were consumed between 2009 and 2010. Actually, in every world market you find, coffee seems to exhibit durability and elasticity. This usually happens even when the economic times are harsh. These are facts that Organo Gold, a Canada-based company would capitalize on. The company has developed a structure for multilevel marketing especially to the individuals who would want to market their coffee products. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008. The management of Organo Gold ensures that its selling points are properly supervised. This company has a Scientific Advisory Board that operates all its activities. Organo Gold has its offices based in Canada and also others based in the United States. In most cases, this company distributes its coffee products through on wholesale. The company has its distributors that get a commission of 50 percent upon selling the products. Since the marketing system of this company is multilevel, people who sell and promote its products do it on a recurring basis. Visit to know more.

The company is known to blend gourmet coffee beans in a more specialized way. The blending is done using ganoderma, a type of a mushroom to ensure the quality is highly improved. The company makes this ganoderma is usually made into a traditional Asian herb. According to Organo Gold, ganoderma lucidum is an Asian herb that is effective in controlling cholesterol levels in the body. The ingredient makes the company’s coffee healthier because of its antiviral qualities. Some of the products that Organo Gold produces include ganoderma supplements, blended green tea, infused latter blend and blended hot chocolate. The company has been leading in producing high-quality beverage products.

In 2010, Organo Gold managed to have a revenue collection of about $35 million across the world. This is according to Business for Home, which is the company’s website. Other than in U.S and Canada, the company has also managed to sell its products in Peru, Jamaica, Philippines, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany. Some other health benefits of the products of this company include reducing the aging rate, boosting body immunity, help in weight loss, supply anti-oxidants in the body and anti-cancer benefits. The company is also known to change the lives of people through enhancing well-being and levels of freedom in life.