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Lust for Life Leaks And Lana Is Pissed

According to MTV, Lana Del Rey curses out fans that discussed her leaked album via the Twitter website. If you are a fan of Lana Del Rey, you probably follow her on Twitter and make an attempt to keep up with any interactions she has with fans. However, the singer is simply not known for being very active on the social media platform. As a result, any new activity by the singer is going to garner a considerable amount of attention from music lovers all around the world. This time though, the thing of note for fans would likely be that people are discussing the content on her upcoming album titled Lust for Life. Apparently, the album has been leaked prior to the official release date of July 21st and is now making rounds all across the internet. Fans has used the social networking platform to reach out to the singer and compliment her on everything from how the songs sound sonically to the lyrics included in a number of the songs. Of course, this was not something that the singer appeared to appreciate because it is a giveaway that the album has now been leaked. There are a variety of reasons why she may not appreciate the content being released into the world prior to the official release date. The first may simply be that she would like all of her fans to have the opportunity to hear the album at the same time. This approach is one that ensures each and every person gets the full enjoyment and surprise intended within the experience. Another reason would be that she is going to suffer some potential loses compared to what the album would have sold if it had not been leaked. Regardless, you should support the artist when the album is available for purchase.