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Thor Halvorssen Explores Myriad Ways of Improving Human Rights Awareness

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has a name many people around the world have heard of because of the impressive human rights work he has completed over the last two decades. Halvorssen has been at the forefront of many of the most important campaigns that have been responsible for exploring human rights abuses in closed societies over the same time frame, including his work to expose abuses in China, North Korea, and Vietnam.

Thor has not limited himself to working in the traditional platforms that have always been open to human rights activists who generally appear in the news when they publish a new report on some form of issue taking place around the world; instead, Thor hopes to keep the plight of those affected by human rights abuses in the news throughout each year by monitoring the news and popular culture information for ideas on how to continue the high profile of this issue. One of the options Halvorssen has taken has been to expose celebrities and well known individuals as they perform for tyrants or attend events paid for by dictators who believe a celebrity will add credibility to their control of a nation.

Despite using new ways of bringing information to the public, Thor Halvorssen still ensures he keeps up the pressure on governments around the world by maintaining a presence linked to the major news organizations found in the developed world. The Venezuelan activist who is now based in New York believes the work completed by major human rights groups is important, but that too much is focused on areas of the world where democracy is in play for the majority. Thor has become a prominent panelist and interview guest on shows across the major news organizations of the planet, including CNN and Fox News in the U.S., and BBC News and al-Jazeera across the rest of the world. Thor Halvorssen has also become a major part of the largest public speaking events in the world where he provides information on human rights issues for the TedTalks events and at major institutions, such as the United Nations.